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Carpet Care

Carpet Care professionals know the products that work are from The Dura Wax Company.  From carpet cleaners and deodorizers to carpet cleaning machines such as extractors and vacuum cleaners, we have what you need for a professional looking job.  

  • Hoover 38528040 Vacuum Agitator Belt

    Hoover Agitator Belt Model # 38528040 Belt fits these models: Hoover C1660-900 15" Commercial "Hush" Vac. C1710--,C1414--,C1407--,C1415--,C1404-- models Caddy™, Elite®, Empower®, Sprint™ Series. Specifications: Comes 2 belts per...

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  • Oil Break will cut through tough spots, especially grease and oils.

    Oil Break Carpet Spotter

    Oil Break; A Potent Carpet Spotter that Busts Through Oil-Type Soils on Carpets. Why You Need Oil Break: Removes Grease and Tar. Ink. Gum. Lipstick, Crayon and Candle wax. Lacquer stains. Yellow oxidized stains such as tea and coffee. Concentrated...

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  • The Vac Station mounts to the wall and is adjustable for the height of the worker.

    ProTeam 102947 Vac Station

    With the Vac Station, Operators of Different Heights Easily Slip On and Off any ProTeam Backpack Vacuum. Why you need the Vac Station: Works with any ProTeam backpack vacuum. Helps keep janitorial supply closets uncluttered. Keeps track of your...

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  • Citrus Spotter works best on petroleum based stains! Save $$! With a 5 gallon pail of Citrus Carpet Spotter.  $15.90/gal!

    Citrus Carpet Spotter

    Citrus Carpet Spotter Uses All Natural Orange-Oil Action for Carpet Cleaning! Grease and other oils are no match for this carpet stain remover! Why Use this All Natural Citrus Carpet Cleaner?: Uses natures own citrus extract as potent cleaner that...

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  • EDIC's portable circuit sensors allow you to look for separate circuits BEFORE you plug in.

    EDIC 988CS Circuit Locator

    The 988CS Circuit Locator Will Help Stop Blowing Breakers Today! Eliminate the Guesswork of Finding a Separate Circuit. Circuit Locator Highlights: Stop blowing breakers! - then searching for the breaker box to reset it. This circuit locator allows...

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  • The ProGuard 4 Wet/Dry Vacuum Kit has everything you need to be productive from the start. The ProGuard Wet/Dry Vacuum is powerful little machine that is easy to transport.  No lugging around a big vacuum.

    ProGuard 4 Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum Kit 107128

    ProGuard 4 is The Best Choice for True Wet/Dry Vacuum Performance in an Easy-to-Carry Package Why Choose the ProGuard 4 Wet/Dry Vac: Great for emergency spills, detail cleaning and portable jobsite maintenance. 1.4 hp motor provides power and...

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  • Defoamer

    A Carpet Cleaner Defoamer that Breaks Down Foam Fast! Defoamer immediately collapses the foam in your hoses and recovery tank on contact to prevent it from being sucked through the back motors. Why Dura Wax Defoamer?: Controls foam in all carpet...

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    The hydrogen peroxide-based spotter than can be used on any surface.

    HydrOxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter

    Hydroxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter Removes Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Wine, Urine, Juice, Food and Blood! Stains Will Disappear in Seconds! Why Use This Carpet Spotter?: Unique formula offers the same revolutionary polymer technology as Carpet...

    $9.40 - $23.60
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