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10 Excuses Why You Can't Start a Cleaning Company

10 Excuses Why You Can't Start a Cleaning Company

Posted by Bryan on 22nd Mar 2017

There was an article on entitled Hesitation For Starting A Cleaning Company.

The gist of the article was the top 10 excuses people give for why they can't start a cleaning company. Or any company for that matter.

See the full article here:

The article lists the reasons, but no answers.  So I thought I would throw in my two cents.

Mopping floor

  1. It will be too difficult - Why? Start small, a few jobs here and there.

  2. I don’t have the money to start a cleaning business - You don't need a lot a money.  Rags, buckets, mops, cleaners.

  3. There are already too many cleaning companies in my town - then specialize. Look at what other companies are doing and see if there is a niche being missed. 

  4. I’m already too busy working at my regular job - As I said in #1, start small. Office buildings are usually cleaned after hours or on weekends.

  5. I will have no time to relax and be with my family - There are a lot of people touting the "you can do everything" mantra. I'm not one of them. In the beginning, it will take up your time. Running a business takes time. So don't try become an overnight success. Have a plan of what you want to do - and not do. Don't take every job just to get the work. You'll burn yourself out. 

  6. My friends tell me I'm crazy to start any business - I love this one.  Unless you are trying to do something goofy like selling snow to eskimos, ignore this.  Anyone who has started a business can tell you they were told the same thing.
  7. I don’t think I’m smart enough to run a business - What makes you say that? Look, having a business is a learning experience. Not every business that succeeded was started by a "smart" person. And plenty of "smart" people who started businesses failed. Learn what you can, explore different resources.  A good place to start is SCORE (Senior Core of Retired Executives), who can give you insight and help you look for pitfalls.   

  8. It will take too long to make any money - Any money?  Or some amount of money you have in your head. Yes it does take time to build up a business.  But you can be profitable fairly quickly by managing spending and figuring your job costs.

  9. I don’t know enough about cleaning - There is a great resource for that - the internet. You can pretty much find whatever you need to know here.  Blogs, cleaning forums, online magazines, Facebook, etc. Try googling "How to start a cleaning company."

  10. And, the all-time favorite, I might fail. - You might.  But there is a saying that goes "You only fail when you quit trying".  Even if you do fail, figure out what went wrong and do it differently next time.