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Dura Wax

  • Citrus Concrete Cleaner quickly dissolves oily buildup and black tire marks. Save $$ with a 5 gallon pail of Citrus Concrete Cleaner!

    Citrus Concrete Cleaner

    Citrus Concrete Cleaner Easily lifts off Grimy Grease and Oil Stains from Concrete! Why Use Citrus Concrete Cleaner?: Made with a very powerful natural solvent, Di-Limonene, that goes right after...

    $87.50 - $907.75
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  • Firehouse WP is well suited for use in damp environments. Look at the shine on this floor finished with Firehouse WP (they might need to wear sunglasses)!

    Firehouse WP Concrete Sealer

    Firehouse WP is Improved!  Better Bite, Superior Wear! Why You'll Love Firehouse WP: New formula provides better adhesion and durability. Seals concrete and hard floor surfaces such as...

    $147.00 - $1,485.00
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  • Premium 25 Floor Finish

    Premium 25 Floor Finish

    Premium 25 Floor Finish!  The Standard all Other Floor Finishes are Measured Against! The Premium 25 Advantage: Exceptionally deep, high gloss mirror finish - the ultimate wet-look! Heavier...

    $34.00 - $1,265.00
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  • Tru-Seal Floor Sealer/Undercoating

    Tru-Seal Floor Sealer/Undercoating

    Tru-Seal Hard Floor Sealer/Undercoater is effortless to apply. Why Use Tru-Seal?: A superior water emulsion acrylic sealer. Fills pores and smooths all surfaces. Levels and seals against the...

    $99.00 - $1,036.00
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  • The Dura White Finish Mop doesn't drag, it glides! Dura White Lint Free Yarn is wound tighter than ordinary mop yarns.

    Dura White Floor Finish Mop

    The Only Floor Finish Mop You will Need! The Dura White doesn't drag, it glides! Why You Should use the Dura White Finish Mop: 20% greater shine with 25% less effort; it glides rather than drags...

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  • Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer

    Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer

    Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer is an Organic Waste Digester - Great for Pet Odors The Beauty of Enz-It: Digests organic waste to remove carpet odors at their source. Quickly and effectively destroys...

    $64.80 - $65.50
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  • Gentle Foam Luxe Hand Soap Refill Gallon - Bulk liquid refill for a foaming hand soap dispenser. Keep your hands clean for months at a fraction of the price. Gentle Foam Luxe Hand Soap uses up to 40% less soap when hand washing.

    Gentle Foam Luxe Hand Soap

    Save $$$ with Gentle Foam Luxe Hand Soap! Up to 40% less soap during handwashings. Why you should use Gentle Luxe Foam Hand Soap: Ready to use. Produces a foamy, rich stable lather for...

    $19.95 - $71.80
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  • The Infinity Twist Dust Mop Head picks up and hold more dust and dirt than any other dust mop.

    Infinity Twist Dust Mop Head

    Our Best Selling Dust Mop Head! The Infinity Twist is our premium mop head. Why You Should Use the Infinity: Four sizes to fit any mop frame. Prelaundered and lint-free. Unique patented design...

    $14.95 - $27.30
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