Green Cleaning Products

All these green cleaning products are evnironmentally safe and do a great job of cleaning without harsh chemicals.  Eco cleaners carried by Dura Wax are safe to use and safe for the environment.

  • Whyte Gate Farms™ 3X Natural Laundry Detergent Cleans Naturally While Going Farther with 3X the Concentration..

    3X Natural Laundry Detergent

    Whyte Gate Farms™ 3X Natural Laundry Detergent: Clean Your Laundry and Protect the Environment All at the Same Time! What Makes This Laundry Detergent Better?: Professional strength for the toughest dirt. Whyte Gate Farms™ 3X...

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  • Perox-C Plus is a great all purpose cleaner for many surfaces.  Safe and effective using he power of hydrogen peroxide.

    Perox-C Plus Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

    Finally, an Eco-Friendly Cleaner that Really Works! Perox-C Plus! Why Choose Perox-C Plus?: Perox-C is a great multi-purpose cleaning solution. Color safe bleaching action. Super concentrated - a little goes a long way! Attacks stubborn soils and...

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  • Hydroxi Pro Grout Smart tile and grout cleaner restores and brightens your dingy grout and tile and removes heavy build up of soap residue left behind by other cleaners. Apply Grout Smart

    Hydroxi Pro® Grout Smart™

    Hydroxi Pro® Grout Smart™ is a unique cleaner comprised of natural orange oil, hydrogen peroxide and surfactant technology that safely renovates, cleans and maintains hard surfaces.  What Makes Hydroxi Pro® Grout Smart™ A Great...

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  • Ecologically Friendly, VOC Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner

    VOC Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner

    An Environmentally Responsible, VOC Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner! Why Use VOC Free Concentrated Glass Cleaner?: Green Seal certification ensures that it's safer for the environment. Fast and streak free cleaning. Minimal effort required...

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  • Green World N Dust and Mop Treatment

    Green World N Dust and Mop Treatment

    Green World N® Dust and Mop Treatment Turns dust mops and cloths into dust magnets; leaves a sheen, but no oily film. A true dust spray made from biodegradable ingredients, not tested on animals and contains no harsh chemicals. Dust and...

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  • Natural All Purpose Citrus Cleaner will Clean and Deodorize Virtually any Water Safe Surface Naturally!

    Natural All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

    Whyte Gate Farms™ Natural Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Cleans and Deodorizes Virtually any Water Safe Surface with Natural Orange Oil! Why this Citrus Cleaner Work So Well: Contains a blend of orange oil and other natural ingredients that clean...

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  • Natural Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner is low odor, low VOC with natural biodegradable ingredients that dries streak free!

    Natural Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner

    Looking for a multi surface all natural cleaner that works? Whyte Gate Farms™ Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner contains natural ingredients that clean - without streaking! This low VOC formula is great for people with asthma, allergies, and...

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  • Water Flakes Pre-Measured Neutral Cleaner Water Soluble Packets are Safer Choice certified.

    Stearns Water Flakes Neutral Cleaner

    Water Flakes Pre-Measured, Neutral Cleaner Water Soluble Packets Remove Heavy Soil While Protecting the Shine! US EPA Safer Choice Recognized. Benefits of Using Water Flakes Neutral Cleaner: Specially formulated to loosen and remove soil while...

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  • Boardwalk Natural All Purpose Wipes are perfect for your daily cleaning needs.

    Boardwalk Natural All Purpose Wipes

    A Natural, All-Purpose Cleaning Wipe that is non-toxic and has no harsh fumes or harmful chemicals. Why Choose Boardwalk Natural All-Purpose Wipes?: Uses only all natural cleaners. No harmful chemicals. Non-toxic. Unscented: no harsh fumes! These...

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  • A-ben-a-qui is a non toxic alternative to traditional aerosol all purpose cleaners. So many uses for A-ben-a-qui, including dirty patio furniture.

    A-BEN-A-QUI Eco Cleaner

    The A-Ben-A-Qui™ is a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner that is Environmentally certified, yet incredibly powerful. In a class by itself in eco cleaners! The paste is certified by Chlorine Free Product Association and is Childsafe certified. What Our...

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  • Whyte Gate Farms™ Natural Dish Soap - a natural, ultra concentrated hand dish detergent that cleans without all the bubbles..

    Natural Dish Soap

    Whyte Gate Farms™ Natural Dish Soap - a natural, ultra concentrated hand dish detergent. A Dish Soap that Cleans Differently but Effectively! What Makes Whyte Gate Farms Natural Dish Soap Better?: Effective at: Cleaning grease. Oils...

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  • Specially formulated blend of enzymes and detergents immediately attacks organic waste and urinary salts resulting in an exceptionally clean toilet bowl.

    Water Flakes Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Premeasured and packaged in a 100% biodegradable water-soluble film, the packet dissolves completely in water, reducing packaging waste, and leaving you with solution ready for cleaning. Why Choose Water Flakes Toilet Bowl Cleaner?: Professional...

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