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Pad Drivers | Floor Pad Holders

Floor machine not holding your pad in place?

We have replacement pad drivers for your make and model of floor machine. All you need is the center hole size plus make and model of your machine. Our floor pad holders offer a selection to hold your floor pads securely in place.


  • The Pad-Lok Tufted pad driver is the standard other pad drivers are measured against.  A Best Seller! The heavy-duty 3/4" bristles are just the right length to bite into and hold pad securely.

    Pad-Lok Tufted Pad-Driver

    Best Selling Pad Driver! Why Choose the Pad-Lok?: The superior tufted pad driver choice. Heavy-duty, 3/4" polypropylene bristles trimmed irregularly, staple set in TUFF-BLOCK®. Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. Includes 6...

    $36.70 - $69.95
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  • Anchored in the the Tuff-Block Showerfeed block, the Mal-Lock Tufted Pad Driver bites and holds pads securely. Mal-Lok Style 1 Tufted Pad-Driver

    Mal-Lok Style 1 Tufted Pad-Driver

    Why Choose Mal-lock Tufted Pad Driver?: Pad-driver has 1" polypropylene bristles that bite deep into pad. Scientifically cut to insure bulldog-like grip. Tufted bristles securely anchored in water and chemical resistant Tuff-Block Showerfeed block...

    $28.70 - $66.45
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  • Tru-Fit Floor Machine Clutch Plates will Fit the Most Widely Used Floor Machine Models on the Market.

    Tru-Fit Universal Clutch Plate (NP-9200)

    TRU-FIT® Universal Floor Machine Clutch Plate (NP-9200) From The Dura Wax Company. Why You Need the Tru-Fit Clutch Plate: Designed to flex vertically and compress horizontally to reduce machine wobble and operator fatigue. Designed to fit most...

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