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Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Why do we only carry one brand of Automatic Floor Scrubbers?

Because over the years we have found through our own experience and that of our customers that the IPC Eagle brand of autoscrubbers have been the most reliable.  

The Clean Time line of Automatic Floor Scrubbers and accessories from IPC Eagle are the professionals choice when looking for battery operated floor scrubbers.  

  • The CT15 offers exceptional productivity in tight areas. Extremely robust but light, the new handle makes the CT15 even easier to maneuver thanks to the ergonomic design of the handles -  no strain on the operator.

    IPC Eagle CT15B35 15" Automatic Scrubber

    The IPC Eagle Cleantime CT15B35 Battery Automatic Floor Scrubber Means No More Cords to Deal With! The CT15's compact size and low weight is perfect for those who don't want or need a big, bulky autoscrubber. Why You Should Choose the CT15B35...

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  • The CT45 Autoscrubber's unique size makes it highly maneuverable for a 20" autoscrubber.. The CT45 Autoscrubber has easy to learn controls built into the handle.

    IPC Eagle CT45B50 20" Automatic Scrubber

    The IPC Eagle Cleantime CT45B50 Battery Automatic scrubber for High Productivity! The CT45's Innovative Design Ensures Maximum Productivity in the Most Compact Size Possible. The CT45B50 Autoscrubber Benefits: With a compact body and lowered head,...

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  • The CT40 Automatic Scrubber is  a workhorse for a variety of industries. The CT40 Auto Scrubber is Easy to Maneuver!

    IPC Eagle CT40BT50 20" Automatic Scrubber

    The CT40BT50 Traction Drive Automatic Scrubber from IPC Eagle.  High Performance and High Productivity in a Traction Drive Machine! Designed for Ease of Use. Get up and Going Quickly! What makes this Autoscrubber The One to Buy?: Great...

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  • The IPC Eagle CT70BT60 make quick work of large areas while still being highly maneuverable. Great for Parking or other high traffic areas!

    IPC Eagle CT70BT60 24" Automatic Scrubber

    The IPC Eagle CT70BT60 Traction Drive Automatic Floor Scrubber. For those Large or Demanding Jobs! An Easy to Control, Large Capacity Scrubber for the Professional Who Needs a Compromise Between a Large and Compact Machine! Why Choose the CT70BT60 Auto...

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  • The CT70BT70 Traction drive automatic scrubber makes quick work of cleaning large areas. Auto Scrub Parking areas with the CT70.

    IPC Eagle CT70BT70 28" Automatic Scrubber

    The IPC Eagle CT70BT70 Automatic Floor Scrubber with Traction Drive. Large and in Charge for those Demanding Jobs! Large Capacity, Easy to Control, Large Capacity for the Professional Who Needs to Clean Big Areas Fast! Why Choose the CT70BT70 Auto...

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