Below are some of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers.


"We have cleaned for over forty years. Dura Wax has always been a great help. Your stripper was our best effort. [It allowed] us to strip and wax floors that were abused for years."

Norman and Betty Hertel
Hertel Cleaning

Grayslake, IL

"We have found your products to be very effective in our cleaning and have purchased at a very competitive price Shipping is usually the same day." Favorite product: "No Haze...It can be used for cleaning glass and other surfaces. Because it does not contain ammonia, we can use it on surfaces that warn 'Do not clean with ammonia.'"

Carole's Cleaning Service
Mount Airy, MD

One of Anna's employees asked her why she buys her products from Dura Wax when she could get the products cheaper at Wal Mart. Anna responded, "Because a professional needs to buy professional products. That is what the customer expects from us." Anna's favorite products: New & Blue, Dura Bowl Cleaner, King of Mops, Green Seal Bathroom and Bowl Cleaner, and Green Seal All-Purpose Cleaner.

Anna Trzaska, Spic & Span Cleaning Corp.
Fox River Grove, IL

"Prices are very good and the products are wonderful...The Dura Wax people are very nice and very helpful when I order items."

Chere Sazma, Prairie Grove Elementary
Crystal Lake, IL

"Your staff is eager to answer questions and look up helpful information for us. We like the follow up calls to check on our needs. We like your saving coupons and offers." Our favorite product is "New and Blue—tough yet gentle on waxed floors."

Jena and Josh Garcia, Pioneer Maintenance Service
Peru, IL

"For over fifty years I have used Dura Wax products! You cannot buy better products at any price, and in fact, Dura's prices are almost always lower than I can find anywhere else. They have continually improved their floor finishes and strippers to compete with any other company and still sell for less. When I finish a floor job of any size it will have a wet look because of the brilliant shine and that is without even burnishing. My customers all seem to say the same thing when viewing floors I've just finished! And that is 'Wow!' My favorite product is Premium 21% Floor Finish. And the above comments tell you why."

Mike Saley, Consolidated Floor Service
Windsor, WI

"We recently moved into a new jail. The Dura Wax personnel made recommendations as to our cleaning supplies. We have been using their products for approximately ten months and we are pleased as to our building's appearance. Dura Wax's Schoolhouse Shine Floor Wax allows our floor to have a deep, wet-looking shine that lasts for months with minimum amount of work to maintain."

Captain Larry Bartley, Jasper County Law Enforcement and Detention Center
Rensselaer, IN

"We ordered the Johnny Mop and twelve extra heads. We have never gotten such a quick response with any product, and our order was delivered the next day."

Ken & Kay Sarka
Toledo, OH

“I love the Bust Out! It is phenomenal stuff for grease…we use it professionally and in the home!”

Betty Anderson K & B Superior Clean Service
Fox Lake, IL

“New & Blue is good for outdoor garbage cans and odors!”

Betty Anderson, K & B Superior Clean Service
Fox Lake, IL

“All of your products are great, and I love your website. It was extremely helpful!”

Derek Alonzo, Greater Ottawa Janitorial
Ottawa, IL