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Odor Removers | Eliminators

The Dura Wax Company carries a variety of odor control products. Odor control products mask or eliminate odors in the air or on surfaces to help keep facilities smelling fresh and clean. These air fresheners and odor eliminators can be sprayed directly on surfaces or used in dispensers to release odor-neutralizing scents. Odor control products are ideal for restaurants, offices, restrooms, locker rooms, and cubicles.

  • NOdorZone Odor Remover doesn't cover up odors - It eliminates them! NOdorZone Odor Remover comes in convenient ready to use gallon.

    NOdorZone Odor Remover

    Don't Cover Up Odors - Eliminate Them with NodorZone. NOdorZone Odor Remover -  Innovative hybrid technology doesn't cover up odors; it actually digests AND neutralizes organic waste. Great pet odor and urine remover - especially cat urine...

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  • Mal-A-Kill with Malogen™ doesn't deodorize, it kills the source of odors in carpet and fabrics.

    Mal-A-Kill Odor Remover

    Mal-A-Kill Odor Remover Uses Biodegradable Organics to Neutralize Odors at their Source. Why You Need Mal-A-Kill: Not a deodorizer - an odor remover! Doesn't cover odors, it neutralizes odors at their source! Leaves carpet with a fresh, pleasant...

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  • Big D Water Soluble Deodorant Concentrate is Safe to use on Multiple Surfaces and Fabrics.

    Big D Deodorant Concentrate

    BIG D® Water Soluble Deodorizer doesn't mask odors, it eliminates them! Benefits of Using Big D®: Reformulated to use more environmentally friendly components. BIG D® deodorant actually eliminates odors, it doesn't just mask them. Safe:...

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