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Concrete Sealer

Dura Wax concrete sealers are the standard to seal concrete and other hard surfaces with an aggressive adhesion that resists stains, scuffs and stands up to heavy traffic.

  • Superior adhesion and excellent water protection make Crete Seal Concrete Sealer the go to choice for professionals! Protect your warehouse floors with Crete Seal.

    Crete Seal Concrete Sealer

    Crete Seal Concrete Sealer.  Aggressive Bite Under Wet Conditions! Superior Wear! Why You'll Love Crete Seal: A sealer with superior adhesion under wet conditions. Minimal water absorption. Good gloss with excellent wear properties...

    $111.20 - $1,392.60
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  • Firehouse WP is well suited for use in damp environments. Look at the shine on this floor finished with Firehouse WP (they might need to wear sunglasses)!

    Firehouse WP Concrete Sealer

    Firehouse WP is Improved!  Better Bite, Superior Wear! Why You'll Love Firehouse WP: New formula provides better adhesion and durability. Seals concrete and hard floor surfaces such as terrazzo, stone, brick, and poured floors. Eliminates...

    $130.00 - $1,375.00
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