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Pre-Measured Cleaners

Did you know that over use of chemicals is costing you money? And mixing the wrong amounts can damage some surfaces.

Pre-measured cleaners save time and money!  No messy measuring and guessing on how much to use.  These pre-measured are perfect for the busy cleaning professional.

  • Water Flakes Pre-Measured Neutral Cleaner Water Soluble Packets are Safer Choice certified.

    Stearns Water Flakes Neutral Cleaner

    Water Flakes Pre-Measured, Neutral Cleaner Water Soluble Packets Remove Heavy Soil While Protecting the Shine! US EPA Safer Choice Recognized. Benefits of Using Water Flakes Neutral Cleaner: Specially formulated to loosen and remove soil while...

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  • Stearns Floor Conditional and Neutralizer conditions floors after stripping and is great for urine odors in restrooms.

    Stearns Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer

    Stearns Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer Conditions Your Floor after Stripping and Prior to Finishing!  Why Use Stearns Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer?: Neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping for better floor finish...

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  • Specially formulated blend of enzymes and detergents immediately attacks organic waste and urinary salts resulting in an exceptionally clean toilet bowl.

    Water Flakes Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Premeasured and packaged in a 100% biodegradable water-soluble film, the packet dissolves completely in water, reducing packaging waste, and leaving you with solution ready for cleaning. Why Choose Water Flakes Toilet Bowl Cleaner?: Professional...

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