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Lambskin Specialties

  • Ostrich Feather Dusters attract dust like magnets.  Comes in a small retractable, medium and large sizes.

    Large Ostrich Feather Duster

    Feather dusters are time tested for their effectiveness. This Large Ostrich Feather Dusters Makes Quick Work of Dusting. What Makes This Ostrich Feather Duster a Standard in the Industry? Tough,...

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    Lambs Wooldusters Give You One Pass Dusting  with No Streaking or Scratching!

    Lambswool Duster

    CLEARANCE! Our Natural Lambswool Duster makes Dusting a Breeze! Why Use a Natural Lambswool Duster?: A light static charge, natural fibers and oils attract and hold dust until spun free...

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