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Floor Scrapers

Remove gum, tar and other debris stuck to your floor with floor scrapers from The Dura Wax Company.

  • 48" Long Light Duty Floor Scraper

    48" Long Light Duty Floor Scraper

    Light Duty Floor and Windows Scraper with Ergonomic 48" Handle. Another Smart Cleaning Product from Unger. Unger Floor Scraper Highlights: The 4" Light Duty Scraper is for lighter duty jobs such as gum and sticker removal. Scrapes right up against...

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  • Unger ErgoTec Scraper is a versatile scraper with an ergonomic handle that uses 4" carbon steel or stainless steel blades

    Unger SH00C 4" ErgoTec Scraper

    4" ErgoTec Scraper has a Comfortable Handle for Long Use Without Hand Fatigue. Why You Should Choose this Scraper: The ErgoTec® Scraper is a comfortable, ergonomic scraper. Reversible 4" carbon steel blade with a razor edge for scraping paint...

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  • Unger RB10C 4" Replacement Scraper Blades

    Unger RB10C 4" Replacement Scraper Blades

    Unger 4" Carbon Steel Scraper Blades for Floor and Window Scrapers. Why Choose Unger Blades?: These are Heavy Duty Reversible, Carbon Steel blades. Use one side for glass, tile, concrete to scrape off adhesive or stuck on dirt. Use the other side...

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  • 8" Carbon Steel Replacement Scraper Blades These 8" replacement scraper blades are .036" carbon steel for long life.

    8" Heavy Duty Replacement Scraper Blades

    Heavy Duty 8" Replacement Scraper Blades Reversible carbon-steel blades: one side for glass, tiles and to remove paint, tape, etc. Other side is for resilient floors and windows to scrape off heavy dirt. Fits 8" Unger models: 8" Heavy Duty Scraper...

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  • 1.25" Wide Blade by 7" Overall putty knife/hand scraper.

    1.25" Wide Stiff Putty Knife | Scraper

    These putty knives are perfect for prepping floors and removing stubborn debris. 1¼" Putty Knife Scraper Highlights: Comfortable sure-grip 7" handle. Removes gum and other sticky substances from floors and walls. Great for removing...

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