Dust Mop | Floor Dust Mops

Looking for a dust mop?  We carry a variety of floor dust mops from microfiber to cotton to synthetic that will keep your floors clean and shiny.

  • The Infinity Twist Dust Mop Head picks up and hold more dust and dirt than any other dust mop.

    Infinity Twist Dust Mop Head

    Our Best Selling Dust Mop Head! The Infinity Twist is our premium mop head. Why You Should Use the Infinity: Five Sizes to fit any mop frame. Prelaundered and lint-free. Unique patented design keeps more ends on the floor, eliminates snagging and...

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  • The MaxiPlus Microfiber Dust Mop Fits 5" Wide Dust Mop Frame. Comes in 24", 36" and 48" lengths

    MaxiPlus Microfiber Dust Mop

    Microfiber Dust Mop with Split Fiber Technology Provides Superior Dusting- No Linting! Why You Should Choose This Dust Mop: Launderable and lint-free. Both fringe and center section are constructed of 100% microfiber providing unmatched cleaning...

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  • Janitorial Grade, Power Coated Dust Mop Frame

    Snap-On Dust Mop Frame

    Snap-On Heavy Duty Dust Mop Frames. The Snap-On Dust Mop Frame is a Great Choice for Many Reasons: Constructed of 1/4" heavy black powder coated wire. Resists rust and corrosion. 5" frames are constructed of 1/4” steel rods; resist rusting...

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  • The Staran Dust Mop uses Special Yarn that magnetically attracts dust! The Staran Dust Mop attaches to dust mop frame in seconds with velcro strip.

    Staran Dust Mop

    The Staran Dust Mop Attracts Dust Like a Magnet! Why You Need the Staran Dust Mop: Special yarn uses magnetic attraction - picks up dust and holds it in place. No oil or dust spray treatment needed. No more worrying about streaking problems and...

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  • Microfiber Pad Holder Holds 12" microfiber pad. Pad holder features two strong velcro strips to hold pad securely.

    12" Microfiber Pad Holder

    Get the Cleaning Power of Microfiber With This Pad Holder! Why Choose this Microfiber Pad Frame: Holds Microfiber Pads securely over surface without coming loose. Sturdy, plastic frame built for professional use. Designed for use with both wet and...

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  • Sturdy, Aluminum Microfiber Pad Holder Holds 18" microfiber pad.

    18" Microfiber Pad Holder

    Clean a Larger Area at Once with This 18" Microfiber With This Pad Holder! Why Choose this 18" Pad Frame over the others: Holds Microfiber Pads securely over surface - mop material stays put! Rigid, aluminum frame keeps the full width of the mop...

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