Brooms and Dust Pans

Dura Wax has a large inventory of brooms and dust pans as part of a complete line of floor care products and accessories.

  • Two handle holes; straight one for regular sweeping, angled one for getting into tight corners.

    Duo-Sweep Lobby Broom

    The Duo-Sweep Lobby Broom is 36" L for tight, hard to reach places. Why the Duo-Sweep?: Perfect size for use in tight, hard-to-reach areas. For continuous maintenance or periodic cleaning. Broom has two handle holes: Upright hole for general...

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  • 13" Commerical Angled Broom

    13" Commerical Angled Broom

    13" Angled Broom Has an Extra-Wide Sweeping Area. Broom fibers made from 80% recycled PET bottles, 20% PP. Why You Should Choose this Broom: Better than cheap big box store brooms! Excellent for stiff/wet sweep applications, including food service...

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  • The Duo-Sweep has two handle holes for dual uses and stiff bristles for heavier and coarse material.

    Duo-Sweep Warehouse Broom Head

    The Duo Sweep is a Heavy Duty, Stiff Bristle Broom for Moving Large and Coarse Material. Why Choose the Duo Sweep?: Top of the line when you demand sweeping power and durability. Two handle holes: Upright hole for sweeping warehouse, shop or...

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  • Stiff bristles are great for heavier material, wet or dry, indoors or out.

    Stiff Angled Broom Head

    This Stiff Angled Broom is Great for Moving Wet or Dry Heavier Material - Indoors or Out! Better than cheap big box store brooms! Broom Head Highlights: Excellent for moving heavier dirt and debris on rougher floor surfaces. Use indoors and out -...

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  • The Duo-Sweep Broom Head has a full 12" width for quick work. Dual handle holes allow for straight or angle sweeping.

    All-Purpose Angled Broom Head

    Better Than Cheap, Big Box Store Brooms! You Can't Get This Broom in a Retail Store! Angled Broom Highlights: Flagged ends for fine dust pickup. Designed for extended use and superior performance with an ergonomic shape that prevents uneven wear...

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  • Rugged plastic saves money vs metal dust pans.

    12" Molded Dust Pan

    Rugged, Industrial, injection-molded plastic. Saves Money - less expensive than metal dust pans. Collects More Debris - thin line edge design hugs the floor to collect more debris. Less Fatigue - lightweight plastic with easy grip handle make...

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  • 12" Heavy Metal Dust Pan

    12" Heavy Metal Dust Pan

    Heavy Duty Metal Dust Pan. Great for Commercial Applications. Stands up to abuse! Heavy-duty 20 gauge corrugated construction won't bend like cheaper pans. Don't leave goop in the pan! Black enamel coated finish means less sticking and...

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  • The 13" wide scoop allows 12" brooms to get everything in the dust pan.

    Black 13" Snap On Dust Pan

    Wide Polymer 13" Dust Pan Snaps onto broom handle or hangs on the wall.  Non-breakable with wide 13" scoop. Oversized 2" deep well. Snaps onto 13" Angled Broom or other standard handles for convenient storage. Hanging hole in handle...

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  • 12" Rugged Upright Dust Pan

    12" Rugged Upright Dust Pan

    12" Rugged Upright Dust Pan Highlights: Ideal value-priced dust pan. Collects more debris. No-warp edge design hugs the floor to collect more debris. Upright means less fatigue. Lightweight, comfortable plastic grip handle makes extended use...

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  • Tough, molded 10" Dust Pan with 8" whisk broom.

    Whisk Broom & Dust Pan

    Why Choose This Dust Pan/Whisk: 10” dust pan together with 8" wide whisk. 42 tufts of flexible, split-tip polymer fibers pick up fine particles. Ergonomic handle. Hanger hole for easy storage. Whisk snaps into dust pan. Ideal design for any...

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