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Floor Machine Splash Guards

Sav-a-Floor and Sav-a-Wall floor machine splash guards and stripper stop absorbant pads protect your walls and baseboards and keep your liquids off adjacent areas.

  • Protect furniture and walls with a Sav-A-Floor Wall Ring

    Sav-A-Floor Wall Ring

    Protect Your Walls and Baseboards from Splashing! Why you need Save-A-Floor Rings: Eliminates splashing on walls, baseboards, segmented carpets, and low shelves - keeps cleaning chemicals on the floor. Increases cleaning efficiency by keeping...

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  • Sav-A-Wall Ring

    Sav-A-Wall Ring

    Keep from Ruining Your Walls with This Floor Machine Splash Guard! Sav-A-Wall ring eliminates baseboard splashing during stripping and scrubbing jobs. Simple to use - just place the floor machine inside the ring. Protect furniture and walls from...

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  • Stripper Stop Absorbent Pad

    Stripper Stop Absorbent Pad

    Keep Spills and Chemicals Contained with These Absorbent strips! Why you need Stripper Stop Pads: Prevents chemicals and liquids from running through doorways. Made from super absorbent fibers with a moisture-proof backing. Easy to use - just peel...

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