Scrub Brushes | Scrub Pads

Dura Wax has the floor scrub brushes or scrub pads you need to clean your floors, grout or wall tiles.  Also find scuff removers as part of a complete line of floor care supplies and equipment.

  • The unique design of the 10" hi-lo scrub brush cleans floors and baseboards at the same time. 1.5" bristles make quick work of stuck on dirt.

    10" Hi-Lo Floor Scrub Brush

    The Hi-Lo Floor Scrub Brush has a Unique Design to Make Quick Work of Scrubbing Floors and Baseboards at the Same Time! Why Use This Hi-Lo Scrub Brush? 10" Floor scrub brush with unique end bristles. Clean floor and baseboards at the same time...

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  • 20" Utility Brush

    20" Utility Brush

    Great for scrubbing kitchen pots and kettles to general maintenance procedures. Beige synthetic tampico fibers are fused into polypropylene blocks to eliminate fiber loss; also makes brush easy to clean. Dries quickly to discourage mildew and...

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  • 8" Workbench Brush

    8" Workbench Brush

    Perfect tool for collecting dust and debris in small areas. Ideally suited for use with a dust pan. Fill is black synthetic tampico. Resistant to oil, solvent and water. Block is sturdy maple hardwood and has convenient hang-up hole.

  • 9" Utility Brush

    9" Utility Brush

    Great for scrubbing kitchen pots and kettles to general maintenance procedures. Beige synthetic tampico fibers are fused into polypropylene blocks to eliminate fiber loss; also makes brush easy to clean. Dries quickly to discourage mildew and...

  • Scrub Aid is the Affordable Alternative to 3M DoodleBug!

    Scrub Aid Cleaning Stripping Pad Holder Kit

    An Affordable Alternative to the 3M Doodlebug without Compromising Cleaning Power! New Design for More Powerful Scrubbing! Why Choose Scrub Aid?: Scrub Aid® pad holder is designed to keep from having to stoop over to clean baseboards or floors...

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  • Contoured handle provides extra grip and added power to get out tough stains.

    Libman Power Scrub Brush

    A great all purpose scrub brush that is great for tile grout cleaning. The Libman Power Scrub Brush Advantages: Comfortable ergonomic easy-grip handle helps keep your hand from tiring. Extra knuckle room between handle and brush. Powers through...

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  • Refill scrub pads for your Biggy Scrubber.

    Biggy Scrubber Scrub Pad Refill

    Genuine Biggy Scrubber Refill Pads. Choose your Biggy Pad: Biggy scrubbers help you handle just about any tough cleaning job. Great for removing build-ups when stripping floors. Black Pad: Heavy-duty scrubber helps you "attack" stubborn problems on...

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  • Sturdy carpet spotting brush that will be last for a long time. Excellent for use with Rug Buster Carpet Spotter.

    Carpet Spotting Scrub Brush

    Tough, Stiff Bristled Carpet Spotter Brush. Why is this the carpet spotting brush for you? Short, stiff bristles hold up well against repeated tamping and brushing. Excellent for agitating spotting solutions on difficult stains for...

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  • Libman Scrubby Buddy Brush

    Libman Scrubby Buddy Brush

    Look no further for a small, powerful scrub brush than the Libman Scrubby Buddy. Why You'll Love the Libman Scrubby Buddy Brush: Small shape gets into corners and tight areas. Ergonomic rubber grip handle with thumb rest and hanger hole. Handle...

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  • Hand Scrub Brush

    Hand Scrub Brush

    Popular, flared-end, professional type oblong hand scrub brush. Gets into Corners. Why Choose this Scrub Brush: Great mud and dirt chaser scrubbing brush. Tampico bristles are staple set into wood block. Lacquered finish on hardwood means long...

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  • Do-All Multi-Purpose Scrub Brush

    Do-All Multi-Purpose Scrub Brush

    Why Choose this Scrub Brush?: Multipurpose scrubbing brush, attaches to handle. Unique shape is ideal for scrubbing grout in tile floors, in shower rooms, kitchens, fast food restaurants. Red Plastic Bristles are 1 1/2" long. Structural plastic...

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  • The Swivel Power Scrub Brush swivels on its side to clean baseboards.

    Swivel Scrub® Power Scrub Brush

    Get Excellent Control with this swivel brush that isn't too loose or too tight. Why Choose the Swivel Scrub® Power Scrub Brush: For those extra-heavy-duty stripping, scrubbing, and cleaning jobs. Swivels onto its side to clean baseboards,...

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  • Economy Swivel Scrub® Brush

    Economy Swivel Scrub® Brush

    Smooth Swiveling Gives You Great Control Wherever You Need It. The Economy Swivel Scrub® Highlights: All the advantages of the power scrub with a new bristles designed for everyday use. Swivels onto its side to clean baseboards, walls and...

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  • 10" Deck Brush

    10" Deck Brush

    Deck Brush Highlights: All purpose, medium stiff deck brush. Can be used as a hand brush or scrub while standing by attaching a handle. Usage: For small-area floor scrubbing on a variety of floor surfaces: concrete, quarry tile, stone, ceramic...

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  • Tile Grout Detail Brush

    Tile Grout Detail Brush

    This toothbrush sized grout brush is a stiff detail brush made for with stiffer bristles to get into those tiny areas a regular brush won't reach. Great for tile and grout cleaning. Why You Need This Tile Grout Detail Brush: Toothbrush size with...

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  • Biggy scrubbers help you handle just about any tough cleaning or stripping job

    Biggy Scrubber Scrub Pad

    Why Choose This Scrub Pad: Biggy scrubbers help you handle just about any tough cleaning or stripping job. Also great for removing build-ups when stripping floors and cleaning grills and barbeques. Removable handle for easy replacing pads...

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  • Scrub Aid Replacement Pads come in a variety of abrasiveness; black for stripping, brown for heavy duty cleaning, blue for medium cleaning and white for cleaning without scratching.

    Scrub Aid Replacement Pads

    Scrub Aid Replacement Pads are Great For Your Toughest Cleaning Jobs! Which Pad to Choose: #0 Black Pad - Extra Heavy duty stripping pad for tough stripping and cleaning jobs. #1 Brown Pad - Coarse abrasive pad for heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping...

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  • This tile and grout brush was designed by a tile professional! Use as a hand brush for floors or walls or add a handle for floor cleaning.

    Tile Grout Cleaning Brush

    Tested and developed by a grout and tile professional, this grout cleaning brush with a molded-in scraper on one end provides instant removal of soap, gum, or food from tile. Why You Should Choose This Grout Brush: Revolutionary triangular design...

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  • 3M™ Doodlebug™ Intro Kit includes one Doodlebug Pad Holder, one Doodlebug White Cleansing Pads 8440 and one Doodlebug Brown Scrub 'n Strip Pad 8541. 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Kit

    3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Kit

    The 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Kit Tackles Your Most Abrasive or Lightest Jobs . Why Choose the Doodlebug?: The 3M Doodlebug pad holder features special grippers that hold pads/brushes in place yet provide for easy changing of pads and brushes...

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  • The Doodlebug hand block is chemical resistant plastic, made to last. The 3M Doodlebug handblock pad holder holds pads securely with not adhesives.

    3M 6473 Doodlebug Handblock Pad Holder Kit

    Make your cleaning easier and more effective by combining the power of DoodleBug cleaning pads with this multipurpose pad holder. Why Choose the Doodlebug Kit?: Ideal for maintenance of hard to reach areas. Unique hook-and-loop bottom holds...

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  • 3M Doodlebug 8550 Hi Pro Pad - For really tough, heavy duty cleaning.
    3M Doodlebug 8242 Blue Scrub Pad - For cleaning and medium duty scrubbing of hard surfaces.

    3M Doodlebug Replacement Pads

    3M Doodlebug Replacement Pads Allow you to Effectively, Strip, Scrub and Clean Hard Surfaces. Why Choose 3M Doodlebug Pads: Geniune 3M Pads - with 3M quality behind them. Doodlebug pads come in 4 levels of abrasiveness to tackle any job: 3M...

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  • Scotch Brite #96 Scouring Pads last 2 to 3 times longer than other scouring pads.

    Scotch-Brite #96 Scouring Pad

    The Original Open-texture, medium-abrasive green scouring pad. Why Choose Scotch-Brite #96 Pads: General purpose commercial scouring pad. The original synthetic scouring pad that out performs competitors. Non-rusting and resilient, this scouring...

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  • Scuff-Ace Scuff Removal System

    Scuff-Ace Scuff Removal System

    Make all your scuff marks vanish with this unique scuff mark remover! Scuff-Ace Highlights: Quickly removes scuff marks from your floors. Features clip-on handle to easily attach to any standard broom handle. Lightweight and easy to use. Durable...

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  • Scuff-Ace Refill

    Scuff-Ace Refill

    Scuff-Ace Refill Highlights: Replace old, worn scrub head with new refill ball. Keeps your Scuff-Ace scuff mark remover performing like new! Quickly removes scuff marks from your floors. Lightweight and easy to use. Durable construction. No more...

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