Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Keep that bathrooom or restroom sparkling with professional bathroom cleaning supplies from The Dura Wax Company. 

  • Contoured handle provides extra grip and added power to get out tough stains.

    Libman Power Scrub Brush

    A great all purpose scrub brush that is great for tile grout cleaning. The Libman Power Scrub Brush Advantages: Comfortable ergonomic easy-grip handle helps keep your hand from tiring. Extra knuckle room between handle and brush. Powers through...

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  • Libman Scrubby Buddy Brush

    Libman Scrubby Buddy Brush

    Look no further for a small, powerful scrub brush than the Libman Scrubby Buddy. Why You'll Love the Libman Scrubby Buddy Brush: Small shape gets into corners and tight areas. Ergonomic rubber grip handle with thumb rest and hanger hole. Handle...

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  • FoamChoice Foaming Soap Dispenser

    FoamChoice Foaming Soap Dispenser

    Benefits of the FoamChoice Foaming Soap Dispenser: Saves time: foam soap gives approximately 3 times more hand washings than a comparable amount of a prepackaged liquid soap. Saves money: bulk soap is up to 55% more cost effective than prepackaged...

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  • Toilet Bowl Mop - Professional

    Toilet Bowl Mop - Professional

    Our Professional Toilet Bowl Mop Is The Expert's choice: Mop head made from 100% acid-resistant, long-lasting Duralon. Spun yarn for fuller appearance and added absorbency. Not affected by organic solvents. Squeeze cup slides up over mop head...

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  • This Toilet Bowl Mop is made from 100% acid resistant Duralon

    Toilet Bowl Mop - Regular

    Our Regular Toilet Bowl Mop Is Simple But Effective: Mop head made from 100% acid-resistant, long-lasting Duralon. Spun yarn for fuller appearance and added absorbency. Not affected by organic solvents. Extremely economical. Usage: Toilet...

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  • Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Brush

    Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Brush

    Why You'll Love Our Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Brush: 360 degrees of bristle cleaning power. Great for heavy-duty bathroom cleaning applications including urinals and toilet bowls. Large angled handle allows you to get to all areas of the bowl...

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  • Industrial Toilet Bowl Plunger

    Industrial Toilet Bowl Plunger

    Why Our Industrial Toilet Bowl Plunger is Great: Heavy rubber allows full pressure application at an angle to remove stubborn clogs. Exceptional fit provides excellent suction. Plastic handle is more sanitary than wood. Avoid splinters with smooth,...

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  • Toilet Seat Covers help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

    Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

    These Toilet Seat Covers are a cost effective and sanitary method of meeting personal hygiene needs in public restrooms. Advantages of Our Disposable Toilet Seat Covers: Use in public restrooms for for personal hygiene needs. Self-disposing; no...

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  • Tile Grout Detail Brush

    Tile Grout Detail Brush

    This toothbrush sized grout brush is a stiff detail brush made for with stiffer bristles to get into those tiny areas a regular brush won't reach. Great for tile and grout cleaning. Why You Need This Tile Grout Detail Brush: Toothbrush size with...

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  • This handy toilet seat cover dispenser  can hold up to 500 half fold toilet seat covers.

    Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

    Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Keeps Seat Covers Organized and Close at Hand. Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Has Many Benefits: Holds 500 half fold toilet seat covers. Keeps seat covers tidy and close by. Mounted by 2-way tape or screws...

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  • This tile brush has 33 tufts, 7/8” recycled PET, staple-set fibers, making it extra durable.

    Hand Tile and Grout Cleaning Brush

    There's nothing like a long handle tile brush to protect your knuckles when trying to get into tight spaces. This grout cleaning brush has just that! Why Choose This Hand Tile and Grout Cleaning Brush: Ergonomic rubber grip handle with hanger...

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  • This tile and grout brush was designed by a tile professional! Use as a hand brush for floors or walls or add a handle for floor cleaning.

    Tile Grout Cleaning Brush

    Tested and developed by a grout and tile professional, this grout cleaning brush with a molded-in scraper on one end provides instant removal of soap, gum, or food from tile. Why You Should Choose This Grout Brush: Revolutionary triangular design...

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