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Bathroom & Toilet Cleaners

Get that bathroom spic and span with bathroom cleaners from The Dura Wax Company. Also find toilet cleaners and disinfectants.

  • Preferred toilet bowl cleaner for routine cleaning because the low acid content makes it a safer choice with less odor.

    Snow-White Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Snow-White Toilet Bowl Cleaner - A Low Fume, Clinging HCL Cleaner. Why Choose Snow-White Bowl Cleaner?: 9% Hydrochloric Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner - strong enough to really clean toilet stains. Perfect for routine cleaning. Low-fume formula. Thick...

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  • Extremely effective toilet bowl cleaner for the professional who doesn't have time to scrub the bowl (this product does the hard work for you)!

    Dura-Bowl Toilet Cleaner

    Dura-Bowl: Our Fastest and Strongest Toilet Bowl Cleaner! High Powered, 24% Hydrochloric Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Why Choose Dura-Bowl Toilet Cleaner?: This is the ideal toilet bowl cleaner for cleaning professionals. REALLY Works on the...

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  • Scum-Gone Soap Scum Remover

    Scum-Gone Soap Scum Remover

    A powerful, yet gentle soap scum remover that cuts through soap scum and hard water deposits on all your surfaces and fixtures. Why our customers choose Scum-Gone Soap Scum Remover: A concentrated soap scum cleaner. Easy cleaning - contains no acids...

    $65.00 - $660.00
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  • SG-15 Porcelain & Tile Cleaner

    SG-15 Porcelain & Tile Cleaner

    15% Phosphoric Acid-based cleaner is a great alternative to Hydrochloric Acid formulations. What Makes SG-15 Porcelain & Tile Cleaner Special?: Mild acid power without excessive fumes. Power to clean tile, metal and porcelain surfaces...

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  • Commercial grade Soft Scrub with Bleach is tough on stains and gentle on surfaces, so it's easy to achieve a sparkling, scratch-free shine on most surfaces.

    Soft Scrub with Bleach

    Soft Scrub® with Bleach starts disinfecting on contact! What Makes Soft Scrub® with Bleach So Great?: Commercial grade disinfectant cleanser. Cleans tile and countertops without scratching and gently bleaches out stains. Ready-to-use...

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  • The Pumie Stick triumphs when the strongest chemicals fail. Use the abrasive power of The Pumie Stick to scour away rust, grease, mineral deposits, limescale, baked on food, stains. Pumie Stick with handle gives you extra leverage to get to those hard to reach places.

    Pumie® Scouring Stick with Handle

    The Original Pumie® Scouring Stick with contoured handle so your hands stay out of the bowl! Why We LOVE the Original Pumie® Scouring Stick with Handle: Cleans hard water stains even when the strongest acid cleaners fail. Contains no...

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  • Pumie Takes over where chemicals leave off! When you need heavy duty cleaning, you need Pumie!

    Pumie® Scouring Stick

    Professional Grade Scouring Stick is 100% pumice stone and is ready to use - no harsh chemicals needed! The Pumie® Scouring Stick is a Great Choice for So Many Reasons: Cleans hard water stains even when the strongest acid cleaners fail...

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  • Digester Drain Maintainer Digester Drain Maintainer

    Digester Drain Maintainer

    Keep your drains clean with this non-toxic drain maintainer. Establishing a regular maintenance program with a good drain enzyme will keep your drains flowing smoothly. Why You'll Love Digester Drain Maintainer: Perfumes, deodorizes and suspends...

    $64.80 - $66.30
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  • Specially formulated blend of enzymes and detergents immediately attacks organic waste and urinary salts resulting in an exceptionally clean toilet bowl.

    Water Flakes Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Premeasured and packaged in a 100% biodegradable water-soluble film, the packet dissolves completely in water, reducing packaging waste, and leaving you with solution ready for cleaning. Why Choose Water Flakes Toilet Bowl Cleaner?: Professional...

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