Floor Treatment

  • Intensifier+ Floor Coating

    Intensifier+ Floor Coating

    Intensifier+ is specially designed to increase a floor's depth of gloss. What Makes Intensifier+ a Great Choice?: Intensifier+ is a burnishable restoration coating that produces an extra-deep, mirror-like gloss. Formulated to withstand the...

  • Knobby Restorer Rubber Floor Protector

    Knobby Restorer Rubber Floor Protector

    Put an End to Dull, Cracked, Unappealing Rubber Flooring! Why Use Knobby Restorer?: Cleans and protects your rubber floors in one application. Protects flooring from dirt and wear. Doesn't crack or show wear patterns. Removes the dirt and leaves a...

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  • Gel Brite + is so economical! 1 quart shines 50,000 sq. ft.

    Gel-Brite Plus Floor Restorer

    Gel-Brite+ Floor Restorer Brings Back Your Floor's Brilliant Shine in one Labor Saving Step! A Little Bit of this Floor Treatment goes a Long Way! Why You Need Gel-Brite+: One of the greatest advantages of this system is that the floor is not wet,...

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  • Renovation High-Speed Floor Treatment

    Renovation High-Speed Floor Treatment

    Rejuvenate your floor finish with this high-speed mop-on floor restorer. Why Use Renovation?: Extends life of floor finishes. Gives floors that freshly waxed appearance without the time and energy required by frequent refinishing. Brings back gloss...

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  • Restorer Is a High Speed, Ready-to-Use Burnishing Compound Five gallon pails of Restorer allow you to burnish large areas economically.

    Restorer Hi Speed Burnishing Spray

    High-Speed Floor Burnishing Spray Extends Stripping Cycles and Restores Your Floors Original Shine! Why Restorer Burnishing Spray?: Restores original shine on a dull floor. Ready-to-use formula requires no mixing or diluting. For use with an ultra...

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  • The Deep Scrub ReCoat System Restores your Floors in 3 Simple Steps. The Deep Scrub ReCoat System comes in convenient 5 gallon pails.

    Deep Scrub/Recoat Floor Restorer Kit

    The Fast, Simple 3 Step System to Revive Your Floors: Scrub•Rinse•ReCoat! The Deep Scrub/ReCoat System will Renew Your Floors to Their Original Brilliance! Are you washing your floors but they don't look clean anymore? Do you have...

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  • Rinse-Aid Salt and Scum Remover

    Rinse-Aid Salt and Scum Remover

    Rinse-Aid Softens and Lifts Soap, Ice Melt, and Hard Water Films. Benefits of Using Rinse-Aid: Great at dissolving and removing all types of soap scum, detergent residue & hard water stains. Removes ice melt and salt films from entrance ways...

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