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Floor Treatment

  • Knobby Restorer Rubber Floor Protector

    Knobby Restorer Rubber Floor Protector

    Put an End to Dull, Cracked, Unappealing Rubber Flooring! Why You Should Use Knobby Restorer: Cleans and protects your rubber floors in one application. Protects flooring from dirt and wear. Doesn't crack or show wear patterns. Removes the dirt...

    $103.00 - $1,080.00
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  • Gel-Brite + is so economical! 1 quart shines 50,000 square feet!

    Gel-Brite Plus Floor Restorer

    Gel-Brite+ Floor Restorer Brings Back Your Floor's Brilliant Shine in One Labor Saving Step! A Little Bit of this Floor Treatment goes a Long Way! One Quart Shines 50,000 Square Feet! Why You Need Gel-Brite+: One of the greatest advantages of this...

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  • Renovation High-Speed Floor Treatment

    Renovation High-Speed Floor Treatment

    Rejuvenate your floor finish with this high-speed mop-on floor restorer. Why Use Renovation?: Extends life of floor finishes. Gives floors that freshly waxed appearance without the time and energy required by frequent refinishing. Brings back gloss...

    $103.00 - $1,080.00
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  • Neutralize Salt and Rinse in ONE Step! Uses chelating agents to suspend the salt and chloride in a solution and removes them from your floor or mat. Save with a 4 Gallon Case of Salt Eater!

    Salt Eater Salt Remover / Ice Melt Remover

    Floors are Expensive! Protect Your Investment with Salt Eater Salt and Ice Melt Remover! Neutralize Salt/Ice Melt and Rinse in ONE Step! Salt and ice melters use a chemical reaction to create heat to melt snow and ice. This reaction can also destroy a...

    $19.00 - $82.00
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