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Carpet Cleaner Solutions

Dura Wax Carpet Cleaner Solutions  - Used by the Professionals who know carpets.

Professionals who clean carpets for a living have come to rely on Dura Wax carpet cleaning solutions to renew, restore and reinvigorate their clients carpeting. You will Find cleaners for carpet extractors, spotters and stain removers that will take out the most stubborn organic and petroleum based ground in dirt and grime and return carpets to a like new look and feel.

  • Extraction Emulsion Carpet Cleaner

    DISCONTINUED In updating our formulation, Extraction Emulsion became so similar to Extraction Power, we decided to discontinue Extraction Emulsion. Extraction Power can be found here: Extraction Power Carpet Cleaning Solution Make Carpets and Rugs Look...

  • Dry Foam is a Climbing Carpet Shampoo - it lifts the dirt up, out of carpet and upholstery.

    Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo

    DRY FOAM HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH FIBERCOAT CARPET SHAMPOO Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo - Lifts Dirt Up and Out of Carpet! Unlike other carpet cleaners, does not wash dirt farther down into carpet. Why use Dry Foam?: It is a climbing soap that lifts dirt...

  • Fibercoat Carpet Shampoo

    Extend the Beauty and Life of Your Carpet with Fibercoat Carpet Shampoo! What Makes Fibercoat a First-Class Carpet Protector: Carpets will stay clean longer when Fibercoat is administered. Repels new soils. Coats each fiber with an acrylic barrier...

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  • Oil Break will cut through tough spots, especially grease and oils.

    Oil Break Carpet Spotter

    Oil Break; A Potent Carpet Spotter that Busts Through Oil-Type Soils on Carpets. Why You Need Oil Break: Removes Grease and Tar. Ink. Gum. Lipstick, Crayon and Candle wax. Lacquer stains. Yellow oxidized stains such as tea and coffee. Concentrated...

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  • Citrus Spotter works best on petroleum based stains! Save $$! With a 5 gallon pail of Citrus Carpet Spotter.  $15.90/gal!

    Citrus Carpet Spotter

    Citrus Carpet Spotter Uses All Natural Orange-Oil Action for Carpet Cleaning! Grease and other oils are no match for this carpet stain remover! Why Use this All Natural Citrus Carpet Cleaner?: Uses natures own citrus extract as potent cleaner that...

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  • Defoamer

    A Carpet Cleaner Defoamer that Breaks Down Foam Fast! Defoamer immediately collapses the foam in your hoses and recovery tank on contact to prevent it from being sucked through the back motors. Why Dura Wax Defoamer?: Controls foam in all carpet...

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    The hydrogen peroxide-based spotter than can be used on any surface.

    HydrOxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter

    Hydroxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter Removes Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Wine, Urine, Juice, Food and Blood! Stains Will Disappear in Seconds! Why Use This Carpet Spotter?: Unique formula offers the same revolutionary polymer technology as Carpet...

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  • Tann-X™ Carpet Stain Remover

    Professional, ready-to-use formula makes tough tannin and browning stain removal a breeze! Highlights: Quickly and effectively attacks "natural" tannin stains caused by coffee, tea, cola, and more! Effective on browning caused by over-wetting of...

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  • Unbelievable Pro Stain and Odor Remover is one product that lives up to it's name!   Our customers who use this product rave about it!

    Unbelievable! Pro Stain & Odor Remover

    Unbelievable Pro is The Great Spotter for Carpets and Upholstery that Performs Miracles on Tough Stains and Odors. What Makes Unbelievable! Pro Stain & Odor Remover So Amazing?: Powerful, yet carpet-safe formula that eliminates pet stains,...

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  • An aggressive water-based formula that eliminates ink with amazing ease.

    Unbelievable!® Ink-Out Ink Remover

    A True Pen and Ink Remover! Blasts ink from Most Surfaces! Why Use Unbelievable!® Ink-Out Ink Remover?: Unique formula removes the toughest ink and marker stains from most hard and soft surfaces. An aggressive water-based formula that eliminates...

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  • Unique formulation of HydrOxi Pro® Carpet Cleaning Polymer 6-in-1 Concentrate powers through dirt with hydrogen peroxide and and encapsulates with the polymer.

    Hydroxi Pro Carpet Cleaning Polymer

    Hydroxi Carpet Cleaning Polymer!  The cleaning and deodorizing power of hydrogen peroxide with the anti-resoiling capabilities of a encapsulating polymer. A Unique, Neutral pH Formulation Helps to Reduce Contamination with Oxidizing Power. What...

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  • Citrus Gel is great for greasy, grimy spots - even on walls!

    Unbelievable!® Citrus Gel

    Unbelievable!® Citrus Gel is Industrial strength for professional jobs!  Why Unbelievable!® Citrus Gel is a Great Choice: Removes greasy, grimy, oily, problems even on vertical surfaces. Citrus Gel's natural citrus power stays put...

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  • Unbelievable! Stain Remover

    Unbelievable Solvent Free, Water-based stain and odor remover Removes water-based stains while it cleans and deodorizes carpets and upholstery. Gets rid of grime and stains from pets, blood, food, grass, beverages, grease, oil, crayons, paint, and...

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  • Goo D-Solv-R quickly removes oil based spots on carpets and other surfaces.

    Unbelievable!® Goo D-Solv-R™

    Goo D-Solv-R is The Ultimate Grease, Tar and Adhesive Remover. Why Use Unbelievable!® Goo D-Solv-r™? Goo D-Solv-r™ removes problem oil-based spots on most surfaces. Gets rid of gum, ink, grease, adhesives, crayon, wax and more...

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  • Specialized browning treatment for carpet and upholstery that is stained due to overwetting and severe alkaline conditions among other circumstances.

    Browning Treatment

    Special Features: Eliminates or reduces cellulose browning caused by overwetting, wicking or extreme alkaline conditions. Ready-to-use formula.  Use on: Carpet & Upholstery  Specifications: For professional use only. Do not...

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  • Juice Out! gets out the toughest juice, dye and food stains.

    Juice Out!™ Food and Drink Dye Remover

    The Ultimate Food, Drink and Cosmetic Dye Remover! Why You Should Choose Juice Out: Industrial strength food, drink and cosmetic dye remover. Removes your toughest carpet stains, - even red ones. Low heat activation with an alkaline wet...

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