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Backpack Vacuums

Did You know that vacuum beater bars were not designed for low pile carpets such as those in office buildings and schools?

So what should you use?

Backpack Vacuums from the Dura Wax Company!  Backpack vacuums are designed to pull the most dirt out of low pile carpeting and floors.

MYTH: "Backpack vacuums fill up too fast"  We've heard this complaint too.

REALITY: The first few times you use a backpack vacuum in a new area it will fill up fast. That's because it is doing it's job, pulling up all the dirt missed by other vacuums.  But you will notice after a few cleanings that your vacuum bag will not fill up as fast.

  • This Super QuarterVac comes with the Xover multi-surface kit so you can clean multiple surfaces from the get go. The Super QuarterVac is a powerful backpack vaccum with 6 qt. capacity and is certified Gold for 99.9% efficiency in picking up particulates.

    ProTeam Super QuarterVac HEPA BackPack Vacuum

    The Super QuarterVac HEPA has All the Power of the Super CoachVac in a Smaller Size! Why Choose the Super QuarterVac HEPA: Lightweight and powerful backpack vacuum. Organically treated Intercept Micro Filters and 4 level filtration system are up...

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  • The MegaVac Backpack Vacuum comes with the Xover Kit so you can be productive right from the start. The MegaVac has earned the Gold Seal of Approval/Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), for its 99.9% efficiency in removing particles 1 micron and larger.

    ProTeam 107137 MegaVac Backpack Vacuum w/ Xover Kit

    The MegaVac Commercial is the Most Powerful Backpack Vacuum Available! Get more done in less time with the Megavac! Why Choose the MegaVac BackPack Vacuum: Converts to a blower in two quick steps without additional parts or accessories. With a 10...

    MSRP: $549.00
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  • The Vac Station mounts to the wall and is adjustable for the height of the worker.

    ProTeam 102947 Vac Station

    With the Vac Station, Operators of Different Heights Easily Slip On and Off any ProTeam Backpack Vacuum. Why you need the Vac Station: Works with any ProTeam backpack vacuum. Helps keep janitorial supply closets uncluttered. Keeps track of your...

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