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Wood Cleaner | Polish

Make that wood look like new and keep it that way with professional wood cleaners and polishes from Dura Wax.

  • Glo 64 Floor Cleaner

    Glo 64 Floor Cleaner

    Glo 64 is great for a variety of cleaning jobs.  Works beautifully on wood floors and cabinets. Why Customers Love Glo 64: All-purpose, fast-acting cleaner. Gets floors clean and streak-free without disturbing their waxed shine. Eliminates the...

    $17.00 - $495.00
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  • Wood Glow Floor Cleaner

    Wood Glow Floor Cleaner

    Wood Glow! The Safe, Concentrated Neutral Wood Floor Cleaner. Tough on dirt but easy on wood floors. Why You Should Choose Wood Glow: This neutral wood floor cleaner penetrates into and under dirt and oil on your floor so they are easy to remove...

    $18.00 - $64.00
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