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Carpet Care

Carpet Care professionals know the products that work are from The Dura Wax Company.  From carpet cleaners and deodorizers to carpet cleaning machines such as extractors and vacuum cleaners, we have what you need for a professional looking job.  

  • Bissell BG23 Carpet|Floor Sweeper

    Bissell BG23 Carpet|Floor Sweeper

    The Bissell BG23 Carpet|Floor Sweeper Will Quickly Pick Up Large and Small Debris! Easily Moves from a Variety of Floor Surfaces. Why the Bissell BG21 Sweeper: Environmentally friendly with ultra quiet motorless system. Corner brushes, floating...

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  • Versatile! This dual jet stair wand can be used on vans and SUV's as well. Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

    EDIC 30" Stair and Van Carpet Wand 1035-110015FB

    The ideal carpet wand for cleaning carpeted stairs, vans and other large vehicles. Why people love this wand from EDIC: Perfect height for cleaning stairs. Saves you from bending over and increased possibility of back ache. Constructed out...

    MSRP: $222.00
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  • The O-Cedar MaxiVac Floor Sweeper is lightweight, quiet and picks up wet or dry messes quickly. O-Cedar 97700 MaxiVac Carpet|Floor Sweeper

    O-Cedar 97700 MaxiVac Carpet|Floor Sweeper

    The MaxiVac Floor/Carpet Sweeper Handles Wet or Dry Messes! Lightweight! Just over 2lbs! Why the Bissell BG21 Sweeper: Non-electric floor sweeper picks up wet and dry debris on any type of surface. Commercial strength ABS housing; outlasts...

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  • Bissell BGOR-23 replacement belt for Upright Commercial Vacuums

    BGOR-23 Bissell Commercial Upright Belt

    BGOR-23 Belt for Bissell Commercial Upright Vacuums For the following Bissell Commercial Uprights: ProTough 17X30 BG100 (item # 530500) ProShake 16X32 BG 102 (item # 530600) ProBag 17X33 BG102H (item # 530700) 2 belts per package See Video...

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  • Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer

    Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer

    Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer is an Organic Waste Digester - Great for Pet Odors The Beauty of Enz-It: Digests organic waste to remove carpet odors at their source. Quickly and effectively destroys odors in carpeting the natural way. Works on food,...

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  • Extraction Power - Formulated to remove dirt, grime and old shampoo from carpets and rugs.

    Extraction Power Carpet Cleaning Solution

    Extraction Power Carpet Cleaning Solution! Heavy Duty Detergent for Carpet Extractors and Bonnet Cleaners. What Makes Extraction Power Better?: Formulated for dirt, grime and old shampoo residue. Mud stains, ground in dirt, tracked in stains...

    $62.40 - $690.00
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