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Floor Pads

Floor Pads for all your floor machines, from floor buffer pads to floor scrubber pads.

At Dura Wax we know your time is money. That is why our floor pads are made to make your job easier. Our floor stripping pads cut through old finishes faster, our scrubber pads clean faster, our buffer pads polish faster.

If you're an old pro, you probably already know what pads work best for each type of job, but for those of you new to this, here is a handy guideline:

Floor pads are color coded from most to least aggressive in this order: black, green, blue, red, white. (with the exception of ultra blue).

Pad ColorPad TypeUsage
Ultra Blue Stripping

Most aggressive available.  Cuts through stubborn old or multiple coats of finish that need to be removed.

High Production Stripping

Very aggressive for floors that have old or multiple coats of finish that need to be removed. Good for uneven floors.

Black Stripping

Very aggressive for use in regular or heavy duty floor stripping.

Green Scrubbing

Medium abrasive for cleaning heavy traffic areas without removing all the finish.

Blue Scrubbing General cleaning of ground in dirt and scuffs
Red Buffing Dry buffing or light scrubbing of floors.
White Polishing Least aggressive and for dry or water-mist polishing of floors.