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Floor Machine Brushes

Dura Wax carries the professional's choice in floor machine brushes for most makes and models of floor machines. Choose from nylon, polypropylene and steel wire floor brushes.


  • Our most popular grit floor brush! An aggressive brush for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces. Tough, coated nylon bristles clean over and over.

    Mal-Grit Floor Stripping Brush

    For fast stripping and scrubbing, this Mal-Grit aggressive black floor brush replaces brown and black pads. Use with Automatic Scrubbers and Regular Floor Machines for General Scrubbing and Stripping Finishes. Why Choose Mal-Grit Stripping...

    $194.00 - $292.00
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  • The durability of grit rotary brushes in a less aggressive version.  For dally scrubbing of hard surfaces.

    Mal-Grit Lite Floor Stripping Brush

     A Less Aggressive Floor Stripping Brush for use with automatic scrubbers and regular rotary floor machines for daily scrubbing. Why Choose Mal-Grit Lite?: Will Outlast floor pads over 100 to 1! An less aggressive brush for daily general...

    $181.00 - $290.00
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  • Tuff-Block® Floor Machine Brushes feature the exclusive showerfeed systems for improved perfomance.

    TUFF-BLOCK® Poly Floor Machine Brushes

    TUFF-BLOCK® Showerfeed floor machine brushes are water and chemical resistant. TUFF-BLOCK® Showerfeed system that improves brush life and performance. Why Choose Tuff-Block?: Perfect for cleaning hard surfaces. Grit brushes are great for...

    $54.00 - $103.00
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  • Bassine Floor Machine Brushes are Economical and Have Great Water Absorption Properties.

    Bassine Floor Machine Brushes

    Bassine Floor Machine Brushes Water Absorption Properties Make this an Excellent, Low Cost Choice for Scrubbing Hard Surfaces. These fiber brushes are a great choice for daily scrubbing with rotary machines or scrubbers. Usage: For general...

    $36.00 - $55.00
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  • General purpose brush for smooth floors and tiles.

    MotorScrubber Medium Duty Brush MS1041

    MotorScrubber Medium Duty Brush Make your floors squeaky clean with this general purpose brush! Why You Should Choose This Medium Brush: Suitable for smooth and textured floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchen surface. Medium bristles will clean...

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  • Aggessive strength scrubbing brush. MotorScrubber Aggressive Duty Brush MS1039P

    MotorScrubber Aggressive Duty Brush MS1039P

    MotorScrubber Aggressive Duty Brush Power through your toughest grime with this tough brush! Why You Should Choose This Aggressive Brush: Suitable for the toughest jobs on floors, walls, restroom and kitchen surface. Aggressive bristles will cut...

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  • Baseboard brush is easily attached to MotorScrubber and pads attach to brush. The redesigned baseboard brush cleans baseboards and floors, or stairs and risers at the same time.

    MotorScrubber Baseboard Brush MS1048

    The Baseboard Brush Turns your MotorScrubber into a powerful, portable baseboard, stair and riser scrubbing machine! The new baseboard brush attachment gives you an automatic floor scrubber power brush that allows you to scrub baseboards, floors and...

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  • The MS1046 Velcro Pad Holder is a drive plate that holds all MotorScrubber floor and applicator pads securely in place.

    MotorScrubber Velcro Pad Holder MS1046

    MotorScrubber Velcro Pad Holder For The Motorscrubber MS1000, MS2000 and Jet models. Why You Should Choose This Pad Holder: Use to hold all Motorscrubber floor and applicator pads. Use with baseboard brush to scrub floors and baseboards or stairs...

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  • Tru-Fit Floor Machine Clutch Plates will Fit the Most Widely Used Floor Machine Models on the Market.

    Tru-Fit Universal Clutch Plate (NP-9200)

    TRU-FIT® Universal Floor Machine Clutch Plate (NP-9200) From The Dura Wax Company. Why You Need the Tru-Fit Clutch Plate: Designed to flex vertically and compress horizontally to reduce machine wobble and operator fatigue. Designed to fit most...

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