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Concrete Care

Concrete can be more than just that dull, bland gray. Clean, seal and finish your concrete floors with concrete care products from The Dura Wax Company. Our water-based cleaners, sealers and finishes will keep your concrete floors looking fabulous for years to come!


  • Citrus Concrete Cleaner quickly dissolves oily buildup and black tire marks. Save $$ with a 5 gallon pail of Citrus Concrete Cleaner!

    Citrus Concrete Cleaner

    Citrus Concrete Cleaner Easily lifts off Grimy Grease and Oil Stains from Concrete! Why Use Citrus Concrete Cleaner?: Made with a very powerful natural solvent, Di-Limonene, that goes right after oily buildups and forklift black marks, dissolving...

    $87.50 - $907.75
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  • Premium 25 Floor Finish

    Premium 25 Floor Finish

    Premium 25 Floor Finish!  The Standard all Other Floor Finishes are Measured Against! The Premium 25 Advantage: Exceptionally deep, high gloss mirror finish - the ultimate wet-look! Heavier application per coat means outstanding durability -...

    $132.80 - $1,372.80
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  • Premium 21 Floor Finish protects the tile from staining, dirt, and damage, making it a wise investment of maintenance. This gleaming floor was expertly finished with Premium 21 Floor Finish.

    Premium 21 Floor Finish

    Premium 21 Floor Finish!  The Mirror Gloss Floor Finish that gets Rave Reviews! Premium 21 Advantages: Mirror deep high gloss finish. Outstanding durability - long lasting shine fights off scuffs and scrapes. Low maintenance - easily remove...

    $122.60 - $1,260.60
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  • Concrete Finish This beautifully stained concrete floor is protected with Concrete Finish from Dura Wax.

    Concrete Finish

    Concrete Floor Finish will make your finished or unfinished Concrete Floors Pop!  Why Choose Dura Wax Concrete Finish?: Formulated to provide a tough, glossy finish for concrete surfaces. Improves the appearance and cleanability of concrete in...

    $122.60 - $1,260.60
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