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Bathroom Cleaning

Restrooms are one of the most important areas to clean and they can also be one of the most difficult to clean. Because bathrooms can be a  breeding ground for bacteria, it is important that they be cleaned frequently and thoroughly to maintain a germ-free and odor-free environment. Dura Wax carries everything you need for a clean and well-stocked bathroom, from toilet brushes and bowl cleaners to hand soaps and paper products.

  • The Alpine Hazel Hand Dryer is economical and can be hard wired or plugged in. At 10" x 9", The Alpine Hazel is can fit many locations.

    Alpine Industries Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

    Alpine Industries Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer. Finally, a Versatile, Economical Hand Dryer That Won't Break the Budget! Why Choose the Hazel Dryer: The Hazel Hand Dryer by Alpine is a automatic hand dryer with a unique design. The Hazel hand dryer...

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  • Clear Choice Urinal Herbal Deordorizer Screens have 10 times the Fragrance of Vinyl Urinal Screens Clear Choice Urinal Spiced Apple Deordorizer Screens have 10 times the Fragrance of Vinyl Urinal Screens

    Clear Choice Urinal Deodorizer Screens

    Clear Choice Urinal Deodorizer Screen has 10 times more Fragrance than Vinyl Urinal Screen. Why the "Clear Choice" is Clear Choice Urinal Deodorizer Screens: Eliminates odors by releasing optimized bacteria that clean and eliminate odors...

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  • Herbal Mint Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screen. Has the highest fragrance intensity of all Wave Urinal Screens. Cucumber Melon Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screen. Of all Wave Urinal screens, this one has the lowest fragrance intensity.

    The Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screens

    Freshen Restrooms for 30 Days with Wave Urinal Deordorizer Screens! Unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance. The Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screens Are Beneficial to Every...

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  • The Counter Strike surface disinfecting system from EDIC is a quick and effective solution for disinfecting surfaces and touch points in public areas. Compatible with most disinfectants; Dura Wax carries several Canberra disinfectants that would work well with the Counter Strike. We recommend Husky 891 Arena Disinfectant Cleaner (Stock # 061201). Several 5 Star Reviews from happy customers! Counter Strike provides the operator with a chemical application gun that quickly applies disinfecting chemical onto surfaces in a fine mist for optimum coverage.

    EDIC Counter Strike Surface Disinfecting System

    The Counter Strike surface disinfecting system is a complete solution for quickly disinfecting surfaces and touch-points in facilities and public areas. EDIC Counter Strike Surface Disinfecting System Highlights: This system provides the...

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  • The CR2 from EDIC simplifies restroom cleaning for professional cleaners and provides a proven touch-free cleaning system for unmatched
cleaning results that you don’t have to get your hands dirty to achieve. EDIC CR2 Touch-Free Cleaning System 2700RC

    EDIC CR2 Touch-Free Cleaning System 2700RC

    The CR2 restroom cleaning and restoration system is TOUCH-FREE equipment designed for cleaning the most difficult room in any public facility.  Now you can clean toilets, urinals, and restroom floors without getting your hands dirty. EDIC CR2...

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  • The Hemlock Hand Dryer will dry hands in 10 seconds.  Faster than the competitors! The Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer Comes in multiple colors to fit any decor.

    Alpine Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer

    Alpine Industries Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer. 10 Second Dry Times, Multiple Colors to Fit Every Decor and 95% cost savings vs. paper towels! The Alpine Industries Hemlock hand dryer is a high speed automatic hand dryer with a unique design offering a...

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  • Preferred toilet bowl cleaner for routine cleaning because the low acid content makes it a safer choice with less odor.

    Snow-White Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Snow-White Toilet Bowl Cleaner - A Low Fume, Clinging HCL Cleaner. Why Choose Snow-White Bowl Cleaner?: 9% Hydrochloric Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner - strong enough to really clean toilet stains. Perfect for routine cleaning. Low-fume formula. Thick...

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  • Extremely effective toilet bowl cleaner for the professional who doesn't have time to scrub the bowl (this product does the hard work for you)!

    Dura-Bowl Toilet Cleaner

    Dura-Bowl: Our Fastest and Strongest Toilet Bowl Cleaner! High Powered, 24% Hydrochloric Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Why Choose Dura-Bowl Toilet Cleaner?: This is the ideal toilet bowl cleaner for cleaning professionals. REALLY Works on the...

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  • Scum-Gone Soap Scum Remover

    Scum-Gone Soap Scum Remover

    A powerful, yet gentle soap scum remover that cuts through soap scum and hard water deposits on all your surfaces and fixtures. Why our customers choose Scum-Gone Soap Scum Remover: A concentrated soap scum cleaner. Easy cleaning - contains no acids...

    $65.00 - $660.00
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  • FoamChoice Foaming Soap Dispenser

    FoamChoice Foaming Soap Dispenser

    Benefits of the FoamChoice Foaming Soap Dispenser: Saves time: foam soap gives approximately 3 times more hand washings than a comparable amount of a prepackaged liquid soap. Saves money: bulk soap is up to 55% more cost effective than prepackaged...

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