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Carpet Deodorizer

Neutralize carpet odors at their source with Carpet Deodorizers from Dura Wax.

Quickly and effectively deodorize carpeting the natural way. Successfully remove odors caused by urine, mildew, vomit, smoke, perspiration and fire damage. Our carpet deodorizers leave you with a bright, fresh fragrance that is pleasant but not cloying.

  • Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer

    Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer

    Enz-It Carpet Deodorizer is an Organic Waste Digester - Great for Pet Odors The Beauty of Enz-It: Digests organic waste to remove carpet odors at their source. Quickly and effectively destroys odors in carpeting the natural way. Works on food,...

    $64.80 - $65.50
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  • NOdorZone Odor Remover doesn't cover up odors - It eliminates them! NOdorZone Odor Remover comes in convenient ready to use gallon.

    NOdorZone Odor Remover

    Don't Cover Up Odors - Eliminate Them with NodorZone. NOdorZone Odor Remover -  Innovative hybrid technology doesn't cover up odors; it actually digests AND neutralizes organic waste. Great pet odor and urine remover - especially cat urine...

    $27.00 - $42.50
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  • Mal-A-Kill with Malogen™ doesn't deodorize, it kills the source of odors in carpet and fabrics.

    Mal-A-Kill Odor Remover

    Mal-A-Kill Odor Remover Uses Biodegradable Organics to Neutralize Odors at their Source. Why You Need Mal-A-Kill: Not a deodorizer - an odor remover! Doesn't cover odors, it neutralizes odors at their source! Leaves carpet with a fresh, pleasant...

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