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  • 3M Hi Pro 7300 Floor Stripping Pads are 3M's most aggressive pad for stripping tough finishes.

    3M Hi Pro 7300 Floor Stripping Pads

    Like all 3M Floor pads, the Hi Pro 7300's are aggressive floor stripping pads designed to work faster and last longer. 3M Hi Pro Highlights: High-Productivity 3M floor pads feature an entirely...

    $88.50 - $106.00
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  • The 3M Floor Buffing Pad will restore the shine to your floor in between refinishing projects.

    3M Red 5100 Buffing Floor Pad

    3M Red Buffer Pad Highlights: Red Buffer Pad cleans when damp and buffs when dry. Get the job done quickly - whether its scrubbing, cleaning, burnishing, or spray buffing Specially designed to...

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  • 3M Eraser Burnishing Pad removes black marks faster than any other pad

    3M 3600 Eraser Burnish Pad

    3M 3600 Eraser Burnish Pad Why Choose the 3M Eraser Pad?: The fastest mark-removal pad around. Removes black marks up to six times faster than the competition The 3M 3600 Eraser Pad is designed...

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  • 3M™ Doodlebug™ Intro Kit includes one Doodlebug Pad Holder, one Doodlebug White Cleansing Pads 8440 and one Doodlebug Brown Scrub 'n Strip Pad 8541. 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Kit

    3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Kit

    The 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Kit Tackles Your Most Abrasive or Lightest Jobs . Why Choose the Doodlebug?: The 3M Doodlebug pad holder features special grippers that hold pads/brushes in place yet...

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  • 3M Doodlebug 8440 White Cleaning Pad - For cleaning and light scrubbing of delicate surfaces. 3M Doodlebug 8550 Hi Pro Pad - For really tough, heavy duty cleaning.

    3M Doodlebug Replacement Pads

    3M Doodlebug Replacement Pads Allow you to Effectively, Strip, Scrub and Clean Hard Surfaces. Why Choose 3M Doodlebug Pads: Geniune 3M Pads - with 3M quality behind them. Doodlebug pads come in...

    $15.75 - $49.60
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  • Scotch Brite #96 Scouring Pads last 2 to 3 times longer than other scouring pads.

    Scotch-Brite #96 Scouring Pad

    The Original Open-texture, medium-abrasive green scouring pad. Why Choose Scotch-Brite #96 Pads: General purpose commercial scouring pad. The original synthetic scouring pad that out performs...

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