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Floor Finishes

Dura Wax offers Floor Finish Products that get the job done. Make that old dull floor look new again with commercial floor finishes from The Dura Wax Company.  No matter what the floor surface, we can make you look like a star to your boss or client! 

If you are looking for a floor finish, durable floor finish, protective floor finish, high shine floor finish, mirror floor finish, brilliant shine floor finish, smooth application floor finish, easy leveling, floor wax, flooring wax, we have the floor finish products for you.

  • Premium 25 Floor Finish

    Premium 25 Floor Finish

    Premium 25 Floor Finish!  The Standard all Other Floor Finishes are Measured Against! The Premium 25 Advantage: Exceptionally deep, high gloss mirror finish - the ultimate wet-look! Heavier application per coat means outstanding durability -...

    $36.75 - $1,372.80
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  • Premium 21 Floor Finish This gleaming floor was expertly finished with Premium 21 Floor Finish.

    Premium 21 Floor Finish

    Premium 21 Floor Finish!  The Mirror Gloss Floor Finish that gets Rave Reviews! Premium 21 Advantages: Mirror deep high gloss finish. Outstanding durability - long lasting shine fights off scuffs and scrapes. Low maintenance - easily remove...

    $33.75 - $1,260.60
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  • All rayon mop is specially designed for flawless application of today’s high- performance floor finishes

    Floor Finish Mop

    This Mop is Specially Designed for Flawless Application of Today’s High-Performance Floor Finishes. Quality Construction Helps You Glide Through Your Finishing Jobs Faster. Why You Should Choose this Finish Mop: Widespread design...

    $14.75 - $16.90
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  • Awesome 25 Floor Finish has Exceptionally High Gloss and Durability compared to the competition.

    Awesome 25 Floor Finish

    Awesome 25 Floor Finish.  High-Gloss, Exceptionally Durable Finish! Why Customers Love Awesome 25: Awesome, unbelievable shine - stays shiny 20-30% longer than other high-quality finishes. Heavier per coat application means Awesome...

    $133.85 - $1,384.35
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  • Janitorial Grade, Powder Coated Dust Mop Frame

    Snap-On Dust Mop Frame

    Snap-On Heavy Duty Dust Mop Frames: the Industry Standard Design The Snap-On Dust Mop Frame is a Great Choice for Many Reasons: Constructed of 1/4" heavy black powder coated wire. Resists rust and corrosion. 5" frames are constructed of 1/4”...

    $7.70 - $11.50
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  • Awesome 21 is Our Most Popular Floor Finish! Brighton IL Fire Dept sealed with Firehouse WP and finished with Awesome 21 Floor Finish. By Chuck McBride of Chucks Cleaning Service

    Awesome 21 Floor Finish

    Awesome 21 is a High Gloss, Long Wear Floor Finish! A Best Seller! Why Customers Love Awesome 21: Awesome, brilliant shine - stays shiny 20-30% longer than other high-quality finishes. Awesome durability - long lasting shine even in high traffic...

    $123.40 - $1,269.40
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  • SchoolHouse Shine Floor Finish Super shiny floor beautifully finished with SchoolHouse Shine Floor Finish.

    SchoolHouse Shine Floor Finish

    SchoolHouse Shine is what you need for your school floors! A Super Tough, Durable Finish designed to stand up to the high traffic areas such as hallways, entrances, classrooms, cafeterias and other areas that take a daily beating.  SchoolHouse...

    $35.80 - $1,349.70
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  • Concrete Finish This beautifully stained concrete floor is protected with Concrete Finish from Dura Wax.

    Concrete Finish

    Concrete Floor Finish will make your finished or unfinished Concrete Floors Pop!  Why Choose Dura Wax Concrete Finish?: Formulated to provide a tough, glossy finish for concrete surfaces. Improves the appearance and cleanability of concrete in...

    $122.60 - $1,260.60
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