All-Purpose Cleaners

  • Perox-C Plus is a great all purpose cleaner for many surfaces.  Safe and effective using he power of hydrogen peroxide.

    Perox-C Plus Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

    Finally, an Eco-Friendly Cleaner that Really Works! Perox-C Plus! Why Choose Perox-C Plus?: Perox-C is a great multi-purpose cleaning solution. Color safe bleaching action. Super concentrated - a little goes a long way! Attacks stubborn soils and...

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  • S-Plus APC (All Purpose Cleaner)

    S-Plus APC (All Purpose Cleaner)

    Commercial grade multi-purpose cleaner essential to have on hand if you clean stainless steel! Benefits of Using S-Plus All Purpose Cleaner: If you need a powerful cleaner/degreaser this is product for you! Fast removal of grease, oil, wax and grime...

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  • Natural All Purpose Citrus Cleaner will Clean and Deodorize Virtually any Water Safe Surface Naturally!

    Natural All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

    Whyte Gate Farms™ Natural Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Cleans and Deodorizes Virtually any Water Safe Surface with Natural Orange Oil! Why this Citrus Cleaner Work So Well: Contains a blend of orange oil and other natural ingredients that clean...

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  • Natural Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner is low odor, low VOC with natural biodegradable ingredients that dries streak free!

    Natural Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner

    Looking for a multi surface all natural cleaner that works? Whyte Gate Farms™ Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner contains natural ingredients that clean - without streaking! This low VOC formula is great for people with asthma, allergies, and...

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  • Boardwalk Natural All Purpose Wipes are perfect for your daily cleaning needs.

    Boardwalk Natural All Purpose Wipes

    A Natural, All-Purpose Cleaning Wipe that is non-toxic and has no harsh fumes or harmful chemicals. Why Choose Boardwalk Natural All-Purpose Wipes?: Uses only all natural cleaners. No harmful chemicals. Non-toxic. Unscented: no harsh fumes! These...

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  • A-ben-a-qui is a non toxic alternative to traditional aerosol all purpose cleaners. So many uses for A-ben-a-qui, including dirty patio furniture.

    A-BEN-A-QUI Eco Cleaner

    The A-Ben-A-Qui™ is a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner that is Environmentally certified, yet incredibly powerful. In a class by itself in eco cleaners! The paste is certified by Chlorine Free Product Association and is Childsafe certified. What Our...

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  • Champiion Sprayon Instant Action Foaming Cleaner is a disinfectant that also removes mold and mildew.

    Instant Action Foaming Cleaner

    Champion Sprayon® Foaming Cleaner/Disinfectant in One! Does not require the surface be cleaned before disinfecting. Why choose this Instant Action Foaming Cleaner?: Deodorizer, disinfectant, and foaming cleaner all in one can. Foam penetrates...

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