Cleaning Supplies

  • Easy Adapter Sink Hose

    What Makes the Easy Adapter Sink Hose Great?: Refill buckets from any convenient faucet. Quickly attaches to faucet.  No spillage from lifting and lowering buckets. 6 ft. hose means no strain on your back! Reinforced construction. Will not...

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  • Janitor Cart | Cleaning Cart

    The only cart that holds a 20 or 32 gallon trash receptacle on the bottom platform. Handle keeps hands out of trash. Specially designed handholds for comfort and control. Adjustable center shelf. Molded-in hooks for tools and mop handles. Handle...

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  • Great utility hose for janitor's closets to conveniently fill buckets. Well designed hose at an affordable price.

    Janitor Sink Hose

    Benefits of the Janitor Sink Hose: Great value! Hose is inexpensive. Perfect size for janitor's closets; no long hose taking up space. No heavy lifting! Filling buckets is a breeze with the janitor sink hose. Less mess; bring the water to your...

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  • Light Duty Scouring Sponges

    Light-Duty Scouring Sponge Gives a Gentler Abrasive Cleaning Action. Benefits of Our Light-Duty Scouring Sponge: Gives most surfaces a thorough cleaning, but gentle enough not to scratch or dull. Backed with an absorbent cellulose sponge for wiping...

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  • The O Cedar Maxi Rough Janitor Cart is lightweight and easily maneuverable.

    MaxiRough® Cleaning Cart | Janitor Cart

    The MaxiRough® Cleaning Cart Sets the Standard for Janitor Carts. What Makes the MaxiRough® so Special?: Convenient storage for a variety of tools and equipment special molded into cart. Even for the new MaxiPlus® Lobby Dust Pan w/rear...

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  • Medium Duty Scouring Sponge has Tough Fibers on One Side, Sponge on the Other.

    Medium Duty Scouring Sponges

    Medium-Duty Scouring Sponge Gives the Benefit of Abrasive Cleaning Action with the Convenience of a Cellulose Sponge. Why Our Medium Duty Scouring Sponge is a Great Choice: Tough fibers and abrasives make fast work of medium-duty cleaning jobs...

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  • The Mighty Sponge erases marks and stains like magic using just water - no chemicals!

    Mighty Sponge Chemical Free Eraser Sponge

    The Mighty Sponge Cleans Without Chemicals. Like a Giant Magic Eraser. The Secret to Mighty Sponge is melamine, a material that when used with water digs in and cleans the toughest stains. Why You'll Love the Mighty Sponge: Environmentally friendly,...

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  • Rubbemaid Deluxe Carry Caddy

    Sturdy, Deluxe Rubbermaid Carry Caddy is Perfect for Commercial Cleaning Use. Benefits of the Cleaning Carry Caddy: All-purpose caddy is perfect for carrying tools or cleaning supplies. Heavy-duty caddy conveniently fits on cleaning and housekeeping...

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  • Disposable Latex Gloves are ambidextrous with beaded cuff and have a low protein content. Disposable Latex Gloves are ambidextrous with beaded cuff and have a low protein content.

    Disposable Latex Gloves

    Great disposable latex glove for a variety of cleaning or examination applications. Why Dynatouch Latex Gloves are a Great Choice: Excellent dexterity. Help protect against viruses and diseases. Ambidextrous; each glove can be used on either left...

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  • These microfiber cleaning cloths are excellent for cleaning surfaces such as countertops, chrome, glass, granite and finished wood.

    Microfiber Cleaning/Dusting Cloths

    These microfiber dust cloths Attract dust like a magnet! Why You Should Be Using These Microfiber Cloths: Clean surfaces without chemicals or cleaners. More economical than paper towels. Offers more cleaning power than ordinary sponges and cloths...

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  • Made with 40% post consumer recycled content, these 30 gallon trash bags offer  superior tear strength compared to steel sacks.

    Premium Black Trash Bags

    DuraLiner Premium Trash Can Liners made with 40% Post Recycled Plastic are Stronger and Thicker! Why You Should Choose Premium Liners: 17% thicker liners than steel sacks with superior tear capabilities. Leak proof for wet disposables. 40% post...

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  • Dura Spraybest Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer. Our Best Seller!

    Dura Spraybest Trigger Sprayer

    OUR BEST SELLING TRIGGER SPRAYER! We are so confident in this sprayer that we give you a one year warranty! Why the  Dura Spraybest Trigger Sprayer is Our Best Selling Trigger Sprayer: Viton® internal components hold up against the harshest...

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  • Microfiber Glass and Mirror Cleaning Cloth

    Cleans without the use of chemicals so it's better for the environment. The Beauty of This Microfiber Glass and Mirror Cleaning Cloth: Made from high-quality, high-performance woven microfiber. Removes fine dirt that dulls natural shine. The...

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  • Nitrile powder free gloves are another good alternative for people with latex allergies or sensitivity. Blue, 4 mil thick gloves are highly chemical and puncture resistant.

    Nitrile Gloves

    Great Gloves for Food Handling or Lab Work. What Makes These Gloves A Great Choice: Highly chemical and puncture resistant. Superior tear strength and dexterity. Provides a better grip, wet or dry. Ambidextrous; wear on left or right hand. Gloves...

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  • 24oz round spray bottle uses a sprayer with a 7-1/4" dip tube. 32oz round spray bottle uses a sprayer with a 9-1/2" dip tube.

    24 oz / 32 oz Round Spray Bottle

    Center Neck Spray Bottles are durable and leak resistant. Spray Bottle Highlights: Made of high-density polyethylene. Good chemical resistance to most ingredients. Leak resistant bottles help reduce mess. Bottle shows ounces, milliliters and...

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  • Huck Towels | Cleaning Towels

    100% Cotton Huck Towels are The Cleaning Professionals Choice for Cleaning Towels. Huck towels are reclaimed towels that are NOT perfect. They may have blemishes or be cut slightly crooked or have other minor imperfections. Huck Towel...

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  • Disposable vinyl gloves are manufactured using a synthetic non-latex material that offers the best sensitivity and stretch available. Latex free vinyl gloves meet or exceed ASTM D5250 standards.

    Latex-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    The perfect disposable vinyl glove solution for individuals who are allergic to latex. Benefits of Using Dynatouch Vinyl Gloves: Strong and durable latex-free vinyl gloves. Soft and comfortable. Ambidextrous fit. Rolled cuff. Gloves are...

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  • The Big Blaster Trigger Sprayer is perfect for heavy duty applications

    Big Blaster Trigger Sprayer

    Ever feel that sprayer on your bottle is just lacking something? What you need is "More Power!" What you need is the Big Blaster Trigger Sprayer! Big Blaster Sprayer Highlights: Delivers 3-4X the spray of regular sprayers! Highest output in...

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  • 10 lb box of an assortment of cotton flannel wiping rags.   Great for a variety of uses! Cotton Flannel rags for cleaning come pre-washed in an assortment of sizes.

    Rags by the Pound

    Buy in bulk and save! These cleaning cloth rags make great wiping rags, are strong and absorbent. Why You Should Use Rags by the Pound: Cut from recycled white cotton flannel bath blankets. Super absorbent! Very soft - but are not lint-free...

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  • Heavy Duty high impact plastic glove dispenser can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

    Wall-Mounted Acrylic Glove Dispenser

    Why You'll Love This Wall-Mounted Acrylic Glove Dispenser: Strong and durable for lasting performance. Fits most 100 pack dispenser boxes of disposable, latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves. Attractive, matches any room decor. Saves work space. Keeps...

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