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Trash Bags/Liners

Which Trash Bag to Use?

Linear Low Density Bags (LLDPE) - Premium Trash Can Liners (40% Post Recyclable plastic)
These bags are used for rough or sharp objects under tough transport conditions. These liners are very strong & more resistant to tearing, but cannot be loaded as much as Hi–D liners.
Suggested LLD applications:
•  Sticks, rough yard trimmings, glass
•  Metal w/sharp edges
•  Plastic eating utensils, food with rough edges such as bones.

Hi Density Bags (HDPE) - Dura Liner Black and Clear Trash Can Liners
Used for paper and objects that are not sharp or rough under moderate transport conditions. These liners are very strong and handle larger loads than LLD liners, but are less resistant to tearing once they get punctured.
Suggested Hi-D applications:
•  Paper–plates, cups, towels, office garbage.
•  Cut grass, rags, smooth heavy objects.
•  Cans w/out sharp edges, food without sharp edges.

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