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Cleaning Cloths | Towels | Rags

Microfiber cleaning cloths, terry towels, and all purpose rags - what you need to wipe, clean and shine from The Dura Wax Company.

We Fight Dirty!... You Wipe Up!

  • These microfiber cleaning cloths are excellent for cleaning surfaces such as countertops, chrome, glass, granite and finished wood.

    Microfiber Cleaning/Dusting Cloths

    These microfiber dust cloths Attract dust like a magnet! Why You Should Be Using These Microfiber Cloths: Clean surfaces without chemicals or cleaners. More economical than paper towels. Offers more cleaning power than ordinary sponges and cloths...

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  • Huck Towels | Cleaning Towels

    Huck Towels | Cleaning Towels

    100% Cotton Huck Towels are The Cleaning Professionals Choice for Cleaning Towels. Huck towels are reclaimed towels that are NOT perfect. They may have blemishes or be cut slightly crooked or have other minor imperfections. Huck Towel...

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  • 10 lb box of an assortment of cotton flannel wiping rags.   Great for a variety of uses! Cotton Flannel rags for cleaning come pre-washed in an assortment of sizes.

    Rags by the Pound

    Buy in bulk and save! These cleaning cloth rags make great wiping rags, are strong and absorbent. Why You Should Use Rags by the Pound: Cut from recycled white cotton flannel bath blankets. Super absorbent! Very soft - but are not lint-free...

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  • These Turkish Terry Bar Mop Cloths are Super Absorbent.

    Turkish Terry Bar Mop Cloths

    Absorbent cotton Turkish Terry Bar Mop Cloths Will Be Your New Best Friend! What We Love About These Turkish Terry Bar Mop Cloths: Super absorbent fabric dries quickly. Brand-new material hemmed on 4 sides to prevent fraying. Ideal for...

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