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Green Carpet Care

Looking for green carpet care products for the professional that actually work?  At The Dura Wax Company we have found those eco friendly products that not only work well, but are more powerful than non-green products.

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    The hydrogen peroxide-based spotter than can be used on any surface.

    HydrOxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter

    HydrOxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter Removes Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Wine, Urine, Juice, Food and Blood! Stains Will Disappear in Seconds! Why Use This Carpet Spotter?: Unique formula offers the same revolutionary polymer technology as Carpet...

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  • Unique formulation of HydrOxi Pro® Carpet Cleaning Polymer 6-in-1 Concentrate powers through dirt with hydrogen peroxide and and encapsulates with the polymer.

    Hydroxi Pro Carpet Cleaning Polymer

    Hydroxi Carpet Cleaning Polymer!  The cleaning and deodorizing power of hydrogen peroxide with the anti-resoiling capabilities of a encapsulating polymer. A Unique, Neutral pH Formulation Helps to Reduce Contamination with Oxidizing Power. What...

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