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Floor Stripper

Looking for a floor stripper?  Dura Wax carries a floor stripper for every occasion. From our best selling Easy-Up Floor Stripper to our heavy duty Punch Floor Stripper to our Environmentally friendly stripper Greenways 5000, we offer floor stripping products for worn out floor finishes. 

Our floor stripping products can remove tough floor finishes and sealers, remove damaged finish, remove heavy floor finish build up and remove old floor wax.

  • With it's low odor and lower pH, CityStrip is perfect for settings settings such as hospitals where people will be present.

    CityStrip Low Odor Floor Stripper

    CityStrip Floor Stripper!  Powerful with No Strong, Offensive Odors! Formulated for Use in Populated Areas! Lower pH than Comparable Strippers on the Market! CityStrip Floor Stripper Advantages: Fast removal of standard, metal-interlocked and...

    $24.00 - $825.00
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  • Punch Floor Stripper

    Punch Floor Stripper

    Punch is Our Most Powerful Floor Stripper! Punch Floor Stripper Advantages: Contains NO ammonia. High-speed power stripper. Melts through old worn-out finishes and reliquifies them with high-speed emulsifiers. Tough edge and baseboard build-ups...

    $71.00 - $770.00
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  • Easy Up Floor Stripper strips on contact. Just mop on and vacuum off.

    Easy-Up Floor Stripper

    Easy-Up Floor Stripper = Hassle Free Floor Stripping! Easy-Up Advantages: Starts the stripping process on contact! Rinses easily; no ammonia. Quick and easy to use; takes the hassle out of stripping floors. Strips evenly; new finish lays down...

    $62.50 - $632.50
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  • Stripper Stop Absorbent Pad

    Stripper Stop Absorbent Pad

    Keep Spills and Chemicals Contained with These Absorbent strips! Why you need Stripper Stop Pads: Prevents chemicals and liquids from running through doorways. Made from super absorbent fibers with a moisture-proof backing. Easy to use - just peel...

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