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Green Supplies

Concerned about the environment?  Green cleaning and other supplies from The Dura Wax Company can help you or your facility meet or exceed environmental standards of your in-house or out-of-house eco policies. 

  • Made with 40% post consumer recycled content, these 30 gallon trash bags offer  superior tear strength compared to steel sacks.

    Premium Black Trash Bags

    DuraLiner Premium Trash Can Liners made with 40% Post Recycled Plastic are Stronger and Thicker! Why You Should Choose Premium Liners: 17% thicker liners than steel sacks with superior tear capabilities. Leak proof for wet disposables. 40% post...

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  • Firm but flexible angle broom with long-lasting fibers, made with recycled PET.

    Libman 994 13" Commercial Angle Broom

    13" Angled Broom Has an Extra-Wide Sweeping Area. Broom fibers made from 80% recycled PET bottles, 20% PP. Why You Should Choose this Broom: Better than cheap big box store brooms! Excellent for stiff/wet sweep applications, including food service...

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