Window Cleaning

  • 1.5" Metal Safety Scraper

    1.5" Metal Safety Scraper

    Ideal for scraping gum & paint Metal safety scraper holds razor blades firmly Makes it easy to scrape up paint or gum, or cut through carpet Blade retracts for safekeeping when not in use. Order blades separately

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  • ErgoTec Squeegee Handle

    ErgoTec Squeegee Handle

    The Unger ErgoTec squeegee handle has an ergonomic design for comfort during extended periods of use. Non-slip rubber grip makes it ideal to use in all types of weather. Fingertip Quick-release spring makes changing blades easy. Compatible with...

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  • Unger  4" ErgoTec Glass Scraper

    Unger 4" ErgoTec Glass Scraper

    Ergonomic and durably designed scraper that's great on glass and the perfect solution for everyday glass cleaningLightweight, comfortable designUse by itself as a hand-held scraper or lock onto any Unger pole with locking coneIncludes protective...

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  • Unger FIXI-Clamp

    Unger FIXI-Clamp

    Plastic clamp for attaching tools like brushes, sponges and cloths to the end of extension poles. Securely grips sponges, mop head, brush, cloth or pad for window, wall, floor and overhead cleaning Clamp is 7½" wide and opens a full 3"

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  • Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Sleeve

    Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Sleeve

    Heavy-duty stripwasher sleeve with extra-long fibers, scrub pad, and easy hook and loop fastening. Woven fabric holds large amounts of water. Reinforced with sewn ends. Durable backing for extended life. Great for cleaning large windows.

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  • Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Strip Pac

    Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Strip Pac

    The Monsoon is Unger's top of the line Strip Washer! Why Choose the Monsoon?: Holds 20% more water and is released as needed. Long-lasting, tightly woven, lint-free, machine washable. Reinforced cushioned ends provide longer life for washer sleeves...

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  • Optiloc 8ft Extension Pole Comes with the ErgoTec Locking Cone.

    Unger OptiLoc Telescopic Extension Poles

    Designed to give you maximum strength with minimum wobble. Tremendous reaching power provided by Unger’s Telescopic Extension Poles. OptiLoc system locks and loosens in ½ turn. Anodized, extruded aluminum pole with nylon locking collar...

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  • The Unger Pad Strip Washer Complete is a dual window cleaner with blended fabric on one side and scrub pad on the other. The blended fabric really holds the cleaner and suds up your windows well.

    Unger Pad Strip Washer Complete

    The Pad StripWasher® is a Complete Window Scrubber Combining The Pad StripWasher® Sleeve and an ErgoTec® T-Bar. Why The Pad StripWasher is better: Green rough-textured, non-abrasive window scrubber cleaning pad removes tough dirt. Sleeve...

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  • The Unger RS350 Pad Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve removes the tough dirt and grime like no other.

    Unger Pad Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve

    The Unger Pad StripWasher® Sleeve is a Standard Washer Sleeve with Plush Fabric on the Front and a Textured Pad Window Scrubber Strip on the Back. Why the Unger Pad StripWasher Sleeve?: Green rough-textured, non-abrasive scrubbing pad removes...

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  • Unger Pro S Squeegee Channel and Rubber Unger Pro S Squeegee Channel and Rubber

    Unger Pro S Squeegee Channel and Rubber

    Unger Pro S Squeegee Channel and Rubber! The Pros Choice for Window Cleaning! The Unger Difference: Easy Glider squeegee rubber contains silicon dioxide to Help you dry windows quickly. Squeegee floats across glass No chattering Squeegee...

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  • Unger Pro Squeegee - Complete

    Unger Pro Squeegee - Complete

    Unger Pro Window Squeegees Complete Kit Includes Handle, Channel and Rubber Why Choose Unger Window Squeegees?: Unger is the professional's choice. Featuring Easy Glide Rubber. Helps dry windows quickly. Easy to grip, rubber-covered handle...

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  • Innovative T-shaped handle with water wells that release water through strip. Excellent for cleaning windows, screens and dusting.

    Unger Strip Window Washer

    So Many Reasons to Use this Strip Washer: Straight handle with white synthetic sleeve. Lint-free blended fabric sleeve. Holds water like a sponge and minimizes dripping. Soft and gentle, will not scratch glass. Lightweight and easy to hold. Great...

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  • Unger Swivel Strip T-Bar Handle

    Unger Swivel Strip T-Bar Handle

    Unger Swivel T-Bar Handle Offers Great Versatility! Unger Swivel Handle Highlights. For all Unger Strip Washers. Works great for "S" pattern washing. Automatically swivels to 7 different angles. Knob on handle easily adjusts swivel tension. Can...

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  • The Tele Plus 2 section pole can reach up to 12'.

    Unger Tele-Plus Extension Poles

    Unger Extension Poles can Extend Your reach! Why Use Unger Extension Poles:? Tele-Plus telescopic poles allow you to reach up to 18 ft high, while safely standing on the ground. Wash and dry windows, scrub walls and ceilings and change overhead...

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  • No Haze leaves your windows spotless and streak free. Five gallon pails available for those who do lots of windows.

    No-Haze Glass Cleaner - Ready-To-Use

    Professional, ready-to-use glass and surface cleaner that leaves behind a crystal clear, streak free shine. Why No-Haze Glass Cleaner is the Best Choice: Ready-to-use, streak-free formula. Its alcohol and dirt-cutting solvents remove smoke,...

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