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Green Hand Soap | Hand Dryers

Clean your hands with green hand soaps and hand dryers from The Dura Wax Company.  These environmentally friendly products clean your hands without harsh chemicals that can dry or crack your skin.  Use foaming hands soaps for everyday use that won't dry your skin or cut through the toughest dirt, grease and grime with an all natural, soy based cleaner that also won't dry your skin.

  • Dura Soy All Natural Hand Cleaner Kit!  Dispenser and Refill Cartridge. Remove tough soils and grease with this natural and gentle exfoliating hand wash.

    Dura Soy All Natural Hand Cleaner - Starter Kit

    Dura Soy! The All-Natural Soy Based Hand Cleaner! Our Dura Soy Cleaner is an all-Natural, environmentally friendly soy oil-based hand cleaner. You will really see and feel the difference with this hand cleaner! Dispenser and One Cleaner Cartridge...

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  • XLERATOR® XL-W Hand Dryer

    The XLERATOR® XL-W Hand Dryer: Over a Decade of Proven Performance! Why the XLERATOR® XL-W Hand Dryer is a Great Choice: A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution. 10-15 second dry time. 95% cost savings vs. paper towels. 80% less energy...

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