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How Perox-C Saved the Day with my Skunked Dog

How Perox-C Saved the Day with my Skunked Dog

Posted by Bryan on 13th Dec 2017

Disclaimer:  This is not a recommendation to use Perox-C to deskunk your dog.

I don't know if any of you have had the unique pleasure of having your dogged skunked. If you live in a suburban area or more rural area, you know that skunks have a pleasant habit of making their homes in whatever hole they can find.  Mine happened to be under our back stoop.

Don't let that cute little face fool you.

Thanksgiving night my wife and I returned from the relatives.  Since the dog was in all day, I opened the back door to let him out.  We go to hang up our coats.

Almost simultaneously, we both get of whiff of that wonderful skunk smell.  I look out the door and notice the dog shaking his head and sneezing.

Not fully putting two and two together, I open the door and Smack! That wretched odor!  The dog, not wanting to be around this anymore, bolts through the door.  

And he reeks! We're both trying to corner him, because all we need is the dog running around the house rubbing his stinky fur on the furniture and carpet.

Finally, I get a hold of him. But now what?  Put him in the shower! It was the only thing I could think of. And what to clean him with? 

I remembered a customer, Jim from Neighbors Carpet, telling us how his dog got skunked, and he used Perox-C because he saw the bottle sitting there. At the time we all thought he was crazy. 

Meantime, my wife is looking online for what to wash the dog with and yelling out "It says to use tomato juice, or buy skunk smell remover. This one says hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap."

I'm carrying the dog up the stairs (he can't go up stairs anymore) to the shower, I'm thinking. "Wait a minute! Perox-C is hydrogen peroxide, a surfactant (soap) and water."  I yell down to my wife to bring the gallon of Perox-C.  

I get the dog in the shower. I probably could have gotten in with him. My clothes reeked by now.  In comes my wife with the Perox-C and baking soda.  

How much to use?  Who care?!  My eyes are watering.  I pour some Perox-C in my hand and rub it on the dog. A little more.  My wife mixes the baking soda in some water.  I pour that on. 

I soap the dog all over.  Usually, he hates to get wet, but I think he was so miserable at this point he didn't care what I did.

Rinse him off.  Grab some old towels.  He shakes and soaks us. Thanks. Dry him the best we could.  

I put my nose to his fur.  No smell. Nada. Gone. Kaput!  

Since my clothes smelled of skunk, I put some Perox-C and baking soda in the wash.  Worked there too. 

Now, I am as surprised as anyone that this worked.

Apparently, using hydrogen peroxide for skunk smell is time tested.  

Here is a link for the recipe:

Now. I'm not recommending to use Perox-C to do this. Because I have no idea how much you should actually use.  I poured a little in my hand with the water running in the shower.  And we didn't formulate it with this use in mind. 

But I am glad it worked.  So is my dog.