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 CityStrip Floor Stripper! 

The Low Odor Powerful Stripper!gas mask man with citystrip gallon pail and 55 gallon drum

Lower pH than Comparable Strength Strippers on the Market!

CityStrip Floor Stripper Advantages:

  • Our exclusive formula developed for fast removal of standard, metal-interlocked and "Green" floor finishes.
  • CityStrip is a high-speed power stripper that effectively breaks the zinc cross-links of traditional floor finishes.
  • Lower odor than standard strippers.
  • Use it to strip the toughest acrylic polymer finishes and sealers.
  • Low foaming, mixes easily and rinses well.
  • Works on most types of tile and concrete.
  • Works great for removing  Dura Wax brand Floor Finishes.


  • It's low odor makes CityStrip THE choice in these environments:
    • Schools and Education Facilities.
    • Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
    • Restaurants and food service facilities.
    • Any facility with large groups of people.

Make CityStrip your new Go To floor stripper!

Purchase CityStrip Here