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Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Dura Wax provides carpet cleaning supplies as part of a complete line of floor and carpet care products.

From carpet protector tabs, disposable shoe covers to heavy-duty rubber door stop. Easy, secure online ordering.

  • Sturdy carpet spotting brush that will be last for a long time. Excellent for use with Rug Buster Carpet Spotter.

    Carpet Spotting Scrub Brush

    Tough, Stiff Bristled Carpet Spotter Brush. Why is this the carpet spotting brush for you? Short, stiff bristles hold up well against repeated tamping and brushing. Excellent for agitating spotting solutions on difficult stains for...

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  • Disposable Shoe Covers

    Disposable Shoe Covers protect your newly cleaned floors and carpets. Protect your client's home, or office from unwanted dirt and soil. Great for carpet cleaners, carpenters, plumbers. Sewn elastic gives a snug fit. Heavy-duty blue fluid resistant...

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