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Cleaning Products

Dura Wax supplies commercial cleaning products manufactured for use by those in the professional cleaning industries such as janitors, cleaning companies and maintenance personnel. All the products we carry have been proven to work. Over the past 85 years Dura Wax has received positive feedback from so many of our customers. We hope you experience the same quality results every time you use one of our products!

  • The O Cedar Maxi Rough Janitor Cart is lightweight and easily maneuverable.

    MaxiRough® Cleaning Cart | Janitor Cart

    The MaxiRough® Cleaning Cart Sets the Standard for Janitor Carts. What Makes the MaxiRough® so Special?: Convenient storage for a variety of tools and equipment special molded into cart. Even for the new MaxiPlus® Lobby Dust Pan w/rear...

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  • Medium Duty Scouring Sponge has Tough Fibers on One Side, Sponge on the Other.

    Medium Duty Scouring Sponges

    Medium-Duty Scouring Sponge Gives the Benefit of Abrasive Cleaning Action with the Convenience of a Cellulose Sponge. Why Our Medium Duty Scouring Sponge is a Great Choice: Tough fibers and abrasives make fast work of medium-duty cleaning jobs...

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  • The Mighty Sponge erases marks and stains like magic using just water - no chemicals!

    Mighty Sponge Chemical Free Eraser Sponge

    The Mighty Sponge Cleans Without Chemicals. Like a Giant Magic Eraser. The Secret to Mighty Sponge is melamine, a material that when used with water digs in and cleans the toughest stains. Why You'll Love the Mighty Sponge: Environmentally friendly,...

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  • Replacement Bag for MaxiRough® Janitor Cart

    Replacement Bag for MaxiRough® Janitor Cart. Specifications: Yellow replacement bag. 25 gallon capacity. Half-moon zipper makes trash removal quick and easy. Smooth vinyl makes it easy to clean. Dimensions: 9-1/2" L x 15" W x 28-1/2" H Click...

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  • Spray-a-Jell comes in a variety of fresh scents to best suit your needs. Truly a technological breakthrough in air freshening. Sprays like a liquid, clings like a gel.  Long lasting fragrance.

    Spray-A-Jell Long Lasting Deodorizer

    Truly a technological breakthrough in air deodorizers. Spray-A-Jells are as thick as gelatin in the bottle, but with a little shaking, liquefy to the point they can be sprayed. After a few seconds they once again become jelled and provide long-lasting...

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  • Champion Sprayon SprayScents metered air freshener refills completely eliminate unpleasant odors and leave a clean, fresh scent in the air.

    Sprayon SprayScents Air Freshener Refills

    Champion Sprayon® SprayScents® don't cover but completely eliminate unpleasant odors and leave a clean, fresh scent in the air. Contains Ordenone™, a deodorizing ingredient that is an effective odor eliminator. The measured spray...

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  • Cucumber Melon Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screen. Of all Wave Urinal screens, this one has the lowest fragrance intensity. Spiced Apple Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screen has a little stronger fragrance than Cucumber Melon.

    The Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screens

    Freshen Restrooms for 30 Days with Wave Urinal Deordorizer Screens! Unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance. The Wave Urinal Deodorizer Screens Are Beneficial to Every...

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  • Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber Squeegee Replacement comes in lengths from 6" to 36".

    Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Soft Rubber Replacement

    A Good Squeegee is Only as Good as it's Rubber Strip. Unger is the Pro's Choice! It's time to replace that rubber when it starts to get brittle and cracked. Highlights: This is the Rubber Only. Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber Replacement fits all Unger...

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  • Unger FIXI-Clamp

    Plastic clamp for attaching tools like brushes, sponges and cloths to the end of extension poles. Securely grips sponges, mop head, brush, cloth or pad for window, wall, floor and overhead cleaning Clamp is 7½" wide and opens a full 3"

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