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Floor Cleaner

What type of floor do you have?  Dura Wax has the floor cleaner you need for a wide variety of floors such as tile floors, wood floors and natural stone floors.

We offer the following Floor Cleaning Products that clean floors such as neutralizing floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, complete floor cleaning products, cleaning and deodorizing floor cleaners, concentrated all purpose cleaners and more.

  • AfterGlo Floor Brightener AfterGlo Floor Brightener

    AfterGlo Floor Brightener

    Super Brightening Additive for Finished Vinyl Floors A new "Super Additive" that helps your cleaner prolong the life of your finish. Economical; stretches your time between finishes. Ideal for brightening any size area. Add AfterGlo to your...

    $19.00 - $68.00
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  • Wash 'N Shine Floor Cleaner Wash 'N Shine Floor Cleaner

    Wash 'N Shine Floor Cleaner

    Clean and shine your floors in ONE STEP with Wash 'N Shine Floor Cleaner! Benefits of Using Wash 'N Shine: Cleans as it shines in just 1 step! Removes the dirt and leaves a tough, hard gloss. Added detergents combine for extra cleaning power...

    $23.50 - $825.00
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