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Window Cleaning

Dura Wax offers high quality professional window cleaning liquids, tools, and equipment. Choose from our great selection of cleaners, scrapers, squeegees, washing sleeves, and extension poles. We cater to professional window cleaning experts!

  • Optiloc 8ft Extension Pole Comes with the ErgoTec Locking Cone. Telescopic extension poles adjust in length and attach to compatible squeegees or other cleaning tools.

    Unger OptiLoc Telescopic Extension Poles

    Designed to give you maximum strength with minimum wobble. Tremendous reaching power provided by Unger’s Telescopic Extension Poles. OptiLoc system locks and loosens in ½ turn. Anodized, extruded aluminum pole with nylon locking collar...

    $62.40 - $96.50
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  • The Unger RS350 Pad Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve removes the tough dirt and grime like no other.

    Unger Pad Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve

    The Unger Pad StripWasher® Sleeve is a Standard Washer Sleeve with Plush Fabric on the Front and a Textured Pad Window Scrubber Strip on the Back. Why the Unger Pad StripWasher Sleeve?: Green rough-textured, non-abrasive scrubbing pad removes...

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  • Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Sleeve

    Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Sleeve

    Heavy-duty stripwasher sleeve with extra-long fibers, scrub pad, and easy hook and loop fastening. Woven fabric holds large amounts of water. Reinforced with sewn ends. Durable backing for extended life. Great for cleaning large windows.

    $16.60 - $20.90
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  • StripWasher® MonsoonStrip Sleeve provides excellent cleaning power. Unger's MonsoonStrip StripWasher® in action.

    Unger Monsoon Stripwasher Strip Pac

    The Monsoon is Unger's top of the line Strip Washer! Wash away even the toughest dirt on your windows with the Monsoon StripWasher Strip Pac!Convenient assembly includes both an Unger handle and an Unger Monsoon StripWasher sleeve...

    $22.50 - $27.80
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  • The Unger Swivel Strip T-Bar has a lightweight aluminum bar with an adjustable head that locks into seven different positions for the perfect angle to clean any window. Compatible with all Unger washer sleeves and telescopic poles.

    Unger Swivel Strip T-Bar Handle

    Unger Swivel T-Bar Handle Offers Great Versatility! Highlights: Compatible with all Unger washer sleeves and  telescopic poles. Easy-grip handle. Works great for “S” pattern washing. Automatically swivels to 7 different angles...

    $15.70 - $16.95
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  • Innovative T-shaped handle with water wells that release water through strip. Excellent for cleaning windows, screens and dusting.

    Unger Strip Window Washer

    So Many Reasons to Use this Strip Washer: Straight handle with white synthetic sleeve. Lint-free blended fabric sleeve. Holds water like a sponge and minimizes dripping. Soft and gentle, will not scratch glass. Lightweight and easy to hold. Great...

    $20.90 - $21.80
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  • TelePlus Hand Grip

    TelePlus Hand Grip

    The Unger Grip for TelePlus Pole 5 Section is a replacement part for the Unger Opti-Loc Extension Pole Highlights: Hand grip for Tele-Plus extension poles.  Hand grip fits 18 ft. pole (Stock #100108). Affordable and durable...

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  • 1.5" Metal Safety Scraper

    1.5" Metal Safety Scraper

    Ideal for scraping gum and paint. Metal safety scraper holds razor blades firmly. Makes it easy to scrape up paint or gum, or cut through carpet. Blade retracts for safekeeping when not in use. Order blades separately Item #110306

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  • Unger FIXI-Clamp

    Unger FIXI-Clamp

    The FIXI-Clamp gives you the flexibility to create several cleaning tools all with one attachment. Highlights: Innovative cleaning system, ideal for cleaning large and high surfaces such as boats and vehicles.  Plastic clamp for attaching tools...

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