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Window Cleaning

Dura Wax offers high quality professional window cleaning liquids, tools, and equipment. Choose from our great selection of cleaners, scrapers, squeegees, washing sleeves, and extension poles. We cater to professional window cleaning experts!

  • Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber Squeegee Replacement comes in lengths from 6" to 36".

    Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Soft Rubber Replacement

    A Good Squeegee is Only as Good as it's Rubber Strip. Unger is the Pro's Choice! It's time to replace that rubber when it starts to get brittle and cracked. Highlights: Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber Replacement fits all Unger squeegees. More natural...

    $2.55 - $7.60
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  • Unger’s line of ergonomically designed squeegee handles allows window cleaners to use each tool quickly and easily. Lightweight and easy to use.

    ErgoTec Squeegee Handle

    The Unger ErgoTec squeegee handle has an ergonomic design for comfort during extended periods of use. Highlights: Stainless steel squeegee with bi-component handle. New handle with optimized S-spring. Non-slip rubber grip makes it ideal to use in...

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  • Unger Pro Squeegee - Complete

    Unger Pro Squeegee - Complete

    Unger Pro Window Squeegees Complete Kit Includes Handle, Channel and Rubber Why Choose Unger Window Squeegees?: Unger is the professional's choice. Featuring Easy Glide Rubber. Helps dry windows quickly. Easy to grip, rubber-covered handle...

    $18.50 - $22.60
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  • Unger Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle

    Unger Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle

    Fast-lock handle with rubber grip attaches to all poles with a press fit. Highlights: Fast-lock handle with ergonomic rubber grip. Non-slip grip for a secure hold. Cleans any flat, smooth surface. Quick channel swapping. Notched stainless steel...

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  • The Tele Plus 2 section pole can reach up to 12'.

    Unger Tele-Plus Extension Poles

    Unger Extension Poles can extend your reach! Why Use Unger Extension Poles:? Tele-Plus telescopic poles allow you to reach up to 12 ft high, while  safely standing on the ground (sections 1 and 2). Wash and dry windows, scrub walls and...

    $34.80 - $57.25
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  • No Haze leaves your windows spotless and streak free. Five gallon pails available for those who do lots of windows.

    No-Haze Glass Cleaner - Ready-To-Use

    Professional, ready-to-use glass and surface cleaner that leaves behind a crystal clear, streak free shine. Why No-Haze Glass Cleaner is the Best Choice: Ready-to-use, streak-free formula. Its alcohol and dirt-cutting solvents remove smoke,...

    $49.50 - $56.00
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  • Dura Wax Glass Cleaner is a great, streak free concentrated indoor/outdoor window cleaner that can be diluted to just the right strength for your job.

    Concentrated Glass Cleaner

    NEW FORMULATION!  Concentrated Glass Cleaner Cuts through Grease and Grime We've Made Our Glass Cleaner even Stronger at removing greasy grime on windows with the same streak free shine.  A Great Glass Cleaner that can be diluted to just the...

    $73.40 - $76.00
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  • 1.25" Wide Blade by 7" Overall putty knife/hand scraper.

    1.25" Wide Stiff Putty Knife | Scraper

    These putty knives are perfect for prepping floors and removing stubborn debris. 1¼" Putty Knife Scraper Highlights: Comfortable sure-grip 7" handle. Removes gum and other sticky substances from floors and walls. Great for removing...

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