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    Do-All Multi-Purpose Scrub Brush

    Why Choose this Scrub Brush?: Multipurpose scrubbing brush, attaches to handle. Unique shape is ideal for scrubbing grout in tile floors, in shower rooms, kitchens, fast food restaurants. Red...

    MSRP: $15.40
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    Now: $11.25
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    Economy Swivel Scrub® Brush

    CLEARANCE! ONLY A FEW LEFT! Smooth Swiveling Gives You Great Control Wherever You Need It. The Economy Swivel Scrub® Highlights: All the advantages of the power scrub with a new bristles...

    MSRP: $19.40
    Was: $19.40
    Now: $15.00
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  • This tile and grout brush is what you need to thoroughly clean grout and tile. The tile and grout brush features stiff polyester bristles and built in scraper.

    Tile Grout Cleaning Brush

    Tested and developed by a grout and tile professional, this grout cleaning brush with a molded-in scraper on one end provides instant removal of soap, gum, or food from tile. Why You Should Choose...

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  • This trash can caddy converts a 32 or 44 gallon round or 32 gallon square trash can into a portable housekeeping cart.

    Trash Can Caddy

    Turn Your Trash Can Into A Housekeeping Cart With This Awesome Trash Can Caddy! What Makes This Trash Can Caddy So Popular?: Converts a 32, 40 or 44 gallon round mobile waste collector into a...

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