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Carpet Bonnets

Carpet bonnets are still the best way to shampoo and really deep clean carpets.

  • The MotorScrubber Microfibre Pad is great for cleaning smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, stainless steel.

    MotorScrubber MS1053 Microfibre Cleaning Pad

    MotorScrubber Microfibre Cleaning Pad For Use with Motorscrubber MS1000, MS2000 and Jet models. Why You Should Choose Cleaning Pad: Clean glass, mirrors. Polish stainless steel surfaces and appliances to mirror like finish. Great for carpet spot...

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    Thick Cotton Blend Yarn Bonnet Pad

    Bonnet Pads - Still the Best Way to Shampoo and Really Clean Carpeting! Carpet Bonnet Pad Highlights: Ideal for high traffic areas that need quick dry times! For bonnet cleaning carpets and rugs. Great absorbancy! Bonnet pads really loosen...

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    Aggressive Scrubbing Strips on this Bonnet Pad Really Loosen Dirt!

    Heavy Duty Scrubbing Synthetic Bonnet Pad

    Our Most Aggressive Yarn Bonnet Pad! Why use Scrubbing Bonnet Pads?: Carpet Bonnet Pads are still the best way to really loosen embedded dirt in your carpets! This heavy-duty bonnet pad has scrubbing strips that aggressively attack dirt and grime...

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