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Carpet Care

Carpet Care professionals know the products that work are from The Dura Wax Company.  From carpet cleaners and deodorizers to carpet cleaning machines such as extractors and vacuum cleaners, we have what you need for a professional looking job.  

  • 30" Ergonomic Stair Tool with Swivel Head

    The Ergonomic Stair Tool allows you to stand while moving up or down stairs; no more tired or sore backs from bending; Because you can stand, you gain better leverage for getting into tight areas. Perfect height for cleaning stairs while standing...

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  • The EDIC Flood Buster  flood extraction machine. Front Swivel castors make it easy to move.

    Flood Buster /Flood Pumper Extraction Machine

    NEW! The FloodBuster Flood Pumper Water Restoration Extractor Unlike Wet Vacs, FloodBuster makes quick work of the toughest water remediation jobs! Why You Need FloodBuster: Super-duty high volume 50 GPM standard with a 1.5” diameter dump...

    MSRP: $2,892.00
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  • Genuine Hoover A890 Type Q Allergen Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags.

    Hoover A890 Type Q HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags

    Genuine Hoover A890 Type Q HEPA Vacuum Cleaner bags. Superior Allergen bags with HEPA filtration. Traps 99.97-percent of dust and pollen down to .3 microns Self-sealing closures traps dust puffs and debris. Type Q extra-large capacity requires...

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  • The 512 28" Vacuum Sweeper pays for itself with increased productivity! Brush picks up debris ini corners and along baseboards better than a vacuum.

    IPC Eagle 512 28" Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper

    Jobs That Took Hours Now Take Minutues with The IPC Eagle 512  28" Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper. Change how your floor surfaces are maintained. The Battery Operated 512 Will Vacuum Carpet and Sweep Floors with Incredible Productivity. Includes up...

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  • Rug Buster Carpet Cleaner - Specially Formulated to Cut Through Biological Oils Such as Pet Hair Oils, Human Skin and Hair Oils and Plant Oils.

    Rug Buster Specialty Carpet Cleaner / Spotter

    Are your Pets Leaving Dark Areas on your Carpeting? You need Rug Buster Specialty Carpet Cleaner and Spotter! Formulated to Attack and Remove Human and Animal Oils. Why you should use Rug Buster: Removes pet oil stains. When pets lie on carpets...

    $78.00 - $80.60
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  • Dry Foam is a Climbing Carpet Shampoo - it lifts the dirt up, out of carpet and upholstery.

    Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo

    DRY FOAM HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH FIBERCOAT CARPET SHAMPOO Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo - Lifts Dirt Up and Out of Carpet! Unlike other carpet cleaners, does not wash dirt farther down into carpet. Why use Dry Foam?: It is a climbing soap that lifts dirt...

    $61.00 - $65.25
  • The 358AC Upholstery kit includes the upholstery tool, supply and vacuum hose and mesh bag. Recirculating notches decreases water build up in spray chamber.

    EDIC 358AC Polaris Extractor Upholstery Tool Kit

    The 358AC Extractor Upholstery Tool Kit Expands Your Polaris/SuperNova Capabilities and Earning Power! Upholstery tool with see-through window and hose assembly. Why Choose the Upholstery Kit?: The 321AC upholstery tool is cast aluminum with a black...

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  • Compact Size and Weight make this Carpet Extractor Ideal for a Single Operator. Ready to accomodate external heater (optional) on back of Galaxy extractor.

    EDIC Galaxy 2000SX-HR Carpet Extractor

    EDIC Galaxy 2000SX-HR Carpet Extractor Add 12" DUAL JET WAND and 25ft Vacuum/Solution Hose for a Ready to Go Unit! Why Choose this EDIC Carpet Extractor?: Large 12 gallon solution tank and 11 gallon recovery tank. Opens quickly, allowing access to...

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