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Floor Cleaner

What type of floor do you have?  Dura Wax has the floor cleaner you need for a wide variety of floors such as tile floors, wood floors and natural stone floors.

We offer the following Floor Cleaning Products that clean floors such as neutralizing floor cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, complete floor cleaning products, cleaning and deodorizing floor cleaners, concentrated all purpose cleaners and more.

  • Deep Scrub is a deep cleaning neutral floor cleaner designed to be used in conjunction with ReCoat in our Simple 3 step system to revive floors.

    Deep Scrub Neutral Deep Cleaning Floor Cleaner

    Deep Scrub - A Neutral Floor Cleaner Designed to Deep Clean Your Floors! Deep Scrub is formulated to penetrate and remove damaged and dull top coats of finish embedded with dirt, scuffs and scratches!  Why You Will Love Deep Scrub: Formulated...

    $18.00 - $550.00
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  • Neutralize Salt and Rinse in ONE Step! Uses chelating agents to suspend the salt and chloride in a solution and removes them from your floor or mat. Save with a 4 Gallon Case of Salt Eater!

    Salt Eater Salt Remover / Ice Melt Remover

    Floors are Expensive! Protect Your Investment with Salt Eater Salt and Ice Melt Remover! Neutralize Salt/Ice Melt and Rinse in ONE Step! Salt and ice melters use a chemical reaction to create heat to melt snow and ice. This reaction can also destroy a...

    $19.00 - $82.00
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  • Glo 64 Floor Cleaner

    Glo 64 Floor Cleaner

    Glo 64 is great for a variety of cleaning jobs.  Works beautifully on wood floors and cabinets. Why Customers Love Glo 64: All-purpose, fast-acting cleaner. Gets floors clean and streak-free without disturbing their waxed shine. Eliminates the...

    $17.00 - $495.00
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  • Glo 64 Floor Cleaner Bundle

    Glo 64 Floor Cleaner Bundle

    Two of our best selling products combined in one convenient bundle! You'll Love This Kit Because it Includes Two Customer Favorites: (1) Gallon of Glo 64 Floor Cleaner: all-purpose, fast-acting cleaner: Cleans without disturbing the shine. Highly...

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  • Neutra-Rinse Floor Rinse

    Neutra-Rinse Floor Rinse

    Leaves floor squeaky clean and in perfect condition to apply floor sealers and finishes. Cleans Floors and Floor Mats of Salt and Ice Melt Residues.  Why you should choose Neutra-Rinse: Lifts and removes soap scum left from stripping/rinsing...

    $20.00 - $72.00
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  • GreenWays Rinse 'N Clean

    GreenWays Rinse 'N Clean

    Environmentally Responsible Floor Rinse and General Purpose Neutral Cleaner. Why You'll Want to Replace Your Current Harsh Cleaners with Rinse 'N Clean: Meets the "Green" standard that cleaning professionals expect in today's environment. A true...

    $18.00 - $550.00
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  • The non-etching formula in Stone Logix keeps stone beautiful for years to come. Member of the Marble Institute of America

    Stone Logix Neutral Cleaner

    Stone Logix™ Neutral Cleaner is safer for the environment and cleans natural stone gently. Restores and brightens tile and grout to its original color with the power of oxygen. Why you should use Stone Logix: Formulated for all natural stone,...

    $34.25 - $133.00
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  • Water Flakes Pre-Measured Neutral Cleaner Water Soluble Packets are Safer Choice certified.

    Stearns Water Flakes Neutral Cleaner

    Water Flakes Pre-Measured, Neutral Cleaner Water Soluble Packets Remove Heavy Soil While Protecting the Shine! US EPA Safer Choice Recognized. Benefits of Using Water Flakes Neutral Cleaner: Specially formulated to loosen and remove soil while...

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  • Stearns Floor Conditional and Neutralizer conditions floors after stripping and is great for urine odors in restrooms.

    Stearns Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer

    Stearns Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer Conditions Your Floor after Stripping and Prior to Finishing!  Why Use Stearns Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer?: Neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping for better floor finish...

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  • Stearns Neutral Cleaner is Green Seal Certified in Easy to Use Pre-Measured Packets.

    Stearns Green Seal Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

    Save Time and Money with Easy to Use Pre-measured Packets. Why Green Seal Neutral Cleaner Concentrate?: Leaves floors sparkling clean - no film or streaks. No guessing on measuring. EPA/Design for the Environment Recognized. Contains no caustic,...

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  • Wood Glow Floor Cleaner

    Wood Glow Floor Cleaner

    Wood Glow! The Safe, Concentrated Neutral Wood Floor Cleaner. Tough on dirt but easy on wood floors. Why You Should Choose Wood Glow: This neutral wood floor cleaner penetrates into and under dirt and oil on your floor so they are easy to remove...

    $18.00 - $64.00
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